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Gourrich Residence

The polished nickel console legs on the sinks were custom made by Palmer Industries to make the sink wheelchair accessible. While she is not wheelchair bound right now, we wanted to accommodate her for any future possible circumstances. The white carrerra stone sinks were fabricated by Stone Forest. The polished nickel traditional faucets are made by Sigma. Levers were chosen as her handles as they are easier to maneuver when hands become arthritic. Above the sinks are beveled mirror medicine cabinets by Glasscrafters made centirely in the USA. Also, notice the long grab bars from Ginger that can accommodate towels while giving support that maybe needed while walking in the bathroom. Ginger also provided the lighting, shelf, soap dishes, cup holders and hooks. Above the light switch is a thermostat that programs her heated floor. The heated floor is programed to turn on every morning at the same time so she walks onto a toasty warm floor that radiates heat about 4 feet above the ground.

The shower has no shower door for easy wheelchair accessibility. The linear drain is against the wall below the showerhead, thereby not inhibiting the wheels of the wheelchair or the legs of a chair or alleviating the discomfort of standing on a drain. A hand shower is an essential element as it makes it easier to clean someone not able to stand as well as ease of cleaning the walls and floor of the shower. Grab bars are lining both sides of the shower to help if support is needed. You will notice that the Sigma thermostatic valve is not underneath the showerhead as you would normally see in most shower installations. The thermostatic valve and volume control have been placed as you first walk into the shower for easy accessibility to turn the system on. This also alleviates her feeling the initial spray of cold water when first turning on the system. The diverter to divert the water from the showerhead to the hand shower, however, is conveniently installed below the showerhead.

In her guest bath, we gave her a tub shower. We decided to use a pressure balance system from Sigma in a satin nickel finish. On the trim plate of the system is a diverter that diverts the water from the showerhead to the tub spout. The acrylic 66” x 32” x 20” Lacy tub by Hydro Systems is the perfect size to bath comfortably and has beautiful clean lines. If you look at picture 1686773 you can see the back rest of the tub which provides support for your lumbar. Grab bars and basket are provided by Ginger.

The Stone Forest vanity top is fabricated out of one block of stone. The back and side splash are optional so the sink top can be installed with or without them. The beautiful satin nickel traditional faucet is made by Sigma. Above the sink is a medicine cabinet made by Glasscrafters. Glasscrafters provides many frame and sizing options as well as no fog mirror, interior lighting and interior electrical outlets. Lighting, shelf, hook, towel bar and hotel shelf are all provided by Ginger. Ginger is a company that has a diverse accessory line. While most companies provide one style of toilet paper holder, they provide three to four. Unfortunately, what is not shown behind the pony wall is a wall hung toilet by Duravit and an actuator by Gerberit. Because this bathroom is small, the wall hung toilet is a wonderful solution to provide more open space. The toilet only protrudes 22-1/2” from the wall where other toilets protrude 26” to 30”.

The stone used on this counter is a quartz made by Cambria. This stone is man-made composed of 93% natural stone and 7% pigment and bonding agents. It is one of the hardest surfaces available. It never has to be sealed and is resistant to scratching and staining. The stainless steel sink by Kohler is 16 gauge. The lower the gauge the thicker and more durable the sink. 16 to 18 are the better gauges. The Kohler sink includes a wood cutting board, bottom bowl rack and accessories. The dimension is 33” x 18-1/2”. The sink is paired with Rohl’s traditional pull out faucet in satin nickel.

The coffee and tea center has a 13” fireclay sink by Barclay and a Mountain hot and cold filtered water dispenser in polished chrome. I recommend Water Inc’s hot water tank as they have a great product and an amazing warranty. They also have several levels of filtration systems to fit your needs.