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4 Features to Consider for Your Kitchen Faucet Upgrade

Upgrade your kitchen faucet’s design appeal and functionality with some new features.

4 Features to Consider for Your Kitchen Faucet UpgradeAre you unhappy with your current kitchen faucet set? It may be that your primary concern is getting a new kitchen faucet that looks more attractive, but don’t forget that this is also an opportunity to get some new and valuable functionalities from your faucet set. Here are 4 features to consider.

Self-Retracting Spray Nozzle

With an ordinary faucet spout, it’s impossible to direct water to every corner of the sink. It can also be difficult to fill large vases or pots that are too tall to fit under the spout. A self-retracting nozzle solves these problems. However, if you want your new kitchen faucets to be on-trend, we recommend opting for a faucet that has a retractable head right on the spout, rather than a faucet set that has a separate sprayer hose.

Touchless Controls

When cooking or cleaning, you probably often end up with messy hands. Rather than risk getting gunk on your lovely new faucet handles, opt for a kitchen faucet that offers touchless electronic controls. Some models use touch sensors that you could activate with the back of your hand or your elbow, while others use motion sensors. Touch sensor faucets sometimes also offer the ability to control temperature as well as turn the water on and off.

Water Filtration Faucet

If you like to filter your drinking water, there are plenty of water filtration faucets to choose from. Many designers have made matching dispensers that pair with different styles of faucet sets. However, you may not like the cluttered look that a separate water filtration faucet creates on your kitchen sink. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem and still have easy access to delicious drinking water by selecting a kitchen faucet with a filtered water dispenser built right into the main faucet stem.

Pot Filler Faucet

If you are considering replacing your kitchen faucet, this is an excellent time to consider adding a pot filler faucet to your kitchen. These wall-mounted faucets can be placed near your stove or cooktop to make it easy to fill large stock pots in place, so you don’t have to carry heavy pots from one end of your kitchen to the other. By getting your new pot filler faucet and your new kitchen faucet together, you can make sure they are a perfect match.

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