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5 Kitchen Styles That Will Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

5 Kitchen Styles That Will Make Your Kitchen Stand OutDifferent styles in the kitchen obviously changes the overall look of the room, but there are plenty of benefits to changing your kitchen to a certain style. For example, a nostalgic retro style can take you back to the good old days, brightening the mood and elevating everyone’s happiness. Other styles can affect the mood dramatically, and the experience that people get when they walk into your kitchen is up to you – so why not pick a kitchen style that will make it stand out?

Pure White

Imagine when you walk into a kitchen and everything is completely white – white cabinets, white refrigerator, white sink, ceiling, floor, and seating. A solid white room with the countertops, cabinetry, and flooring all glimmering a bright ivory is the epitome of clean. Solid white, clean kitchenware is sophisticated, classy, and the definition of timeless.


Get a true blast from the past by incorporating a retro design into your kitchen. Whether you want to add a few 80’s accessories and bling to your walls or go all out with a 50’s fridge and oven, a retro kitchen style brings in the nostalgia you love. Round pendant lights, candy red barstools, and bright, bold colors are ideas that come to mind for a retro throwback design. Just imagine drinking milkshakes while you reminisce in your own kitchen.


Hushed lighting, a cozy coffee nook, and an island that closes in the room makes for an intimate kitchen you can enjoy every day. If you feel comfortable when you have a cozy little spot to hang around in, imagine cooking while experiencing the same feeling. An intimate kitchen style is perfect for a couple or small family to feel secure and relaxed in.


On the opposite end of the spectrum from an intimate kitchen style, there’s an open, organized kitchen that the whole family can bustle around in on Thanksgiving. An open kitchen doesn’t have to have walls in between the living room or the dining room. You get all the space you need with spaced out, broader lighting fixtures, a small island, wall ovens, and more.


Bright, happy blues and yellows can brighten up anyone’s day with the right lighting and accessories to go with it. A cheery kitchen concept has calm shades for flooring and cabinets with bright pops of color on the fridge, island, or light fixtures. Opening up sections of the kitchen with windows to the outside or to the rest of the house is another idea to brighten up the room and make it a little more joyful.

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