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A Tech-Savvy Bathroom: Learn About the Latest Innovations in Bathroom Electronics

A Tech-Savvy Bathroom: Learn About the Latest Innovations in Bathroom Electronics

What are your top priorities when remodeling your bathroom? You likely want a bathroom that includes colors and styles you enjoy, but you also want a bathroom that’s functional. The good news is that some truly unique new tech innovations have made their way to the market. Read more and then stop by Mission West Kitchen & Bath to learn more about the latest trends in bathroom remodeling.

Programmable showerheads

This is an interesting bit of tech-savvy shower equipment. Essentially, you use digital controls to program the showerhead for the various members of your family. They can each personalize how much pressure they get, the temperature, and even the type of spray. There’s a waterproof control panel inside and changing to your own setting is as simple as pressing a button. It can even keep an eye on your water usage, which helps keep water costs down and allows you to be a little greener.

Bluetooth showerheads and fans

If you want to rock out to your favorite jams while in the shower, then a Bluetooth showerhead can help. It’s entirely waterproof and lets you call the shots re: the songs you listen to. A Bluetooth fan can also offer music throughout the bathroom if you’d prefer that to the showerhead. There really are exciting accessories for everyone!

High tech toilets

Many people accept that the toilet is what it is and can’t be improved upon. The truth is that there are some really interesting things being done to make toilets higher tech. For example, there are both hands-free and paper-free toilets. All you do is sit and the toilet takes care of the rest. They have temperature controlled water, spritzing wands, and auto dryers. There are also toilet seats that are temperature controlled so you are always comfortable.

Lights in all the right places

For any bathroom to work perfectly, you need lighting that’s well planned. In most cases, it works best if you have a multi-layer design so that you can control how much and where the lighting goes. Some of the newest innovations in bathroom lighting ensure you have the lights you need right where they need them. For example, check out some motion-activated lights that make it easy – and safe – to get up for a midnight bathroom run.

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