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Back in Black and White: Learn How to Incorporate This Popular Trend

Back in Black and White: Learn How to Incorporate This Popular Trend

Color schemes may come and go but there at Mission West Kitchen & Bath we have seen the classic monochrome combo of black and white come back into fashion without ever having fallen out of fashion. Whether used in the bathroom, kitchen, or mud room, this is a great color combo and we have many kitchen appliances, bathroom countertops, and other products that can make or break this look for you.

Incorporating black and white into bathroom designs

If you’re interested in using black and white in the bathroom, but you want to ensure that the room still appears bright and inviting, then we recommend using wall-mounted cabinetry or floating vanities that offer a rustic look. You could use dark wood floors that offer a nice dark glossy look that goes perfectly with a white matte finish.

Other popular options are painting the doors or cabinets or even adding wainscoting. The key is to make sure that you have another accent color that can pop. Otherwise you run the risk of creating a bathroom that is overwhelming. In fact, some people decorate their bathroom in a different color scheme altogether but bring in a black and white element, such as a black tub with white tile, that pays homage to the black and white trend without committing to it entirely.

You don’t have to choose a bright accent color

The most common accent colors used with black and white color schemes are bright red, yellow, and blue. These can look great but we also love the look of a gray used as an accent color. It is great way to make the entire bathroom seem more put together and classic. Gray also fits in perfectly with the monochrome nature of black and white.

Don’t just add colors – add texture

One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make is to think only of the colors they will be adding. You actually want to be considering texture too. For example, glossy blacks and matte whites look great together. A matte black and glossy white can throw this trend on its head and provide a unique option. Play around with different texture options to see what pops for you.

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