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Benefits of a Curbless Shower

Want to incorporate a curbless shower into your bathroom? We have the right drains for the job.

Benefits of a Curbless ShowerWhen designing a luxury bathroom, a separate tub and shower is a must. In addition to providing a more upscale look to the bathroom, divorcing your tub and shower delivers another excellent perk: it allows you to incorporate a curbless shower into your bathroom design.

Sometimes also called barrier-free showers, curbless showers deliver three big benefits:

Bigger-Looking Bathroom: Curbless showers allow the flooring in the bathroom to continue right into the shower stall with no step or lip needed. When used with a glass shower stall, this can really help cut down on the visual impediments that a shower stall normally presents to the flow of the bathroom. It can make a small space seem larger and a big space seem even more luxurious.

Accessibility: By eliminating even the slightest step between the bathroom floor and the shower stall, curbless showers make it easy for individuals with mobility issues to navigate the bathroom. Curbless showers can easily satisfy ADA requirements, and they also appeal to aging individuals who wish to reduce the risk of a fall in the bathroom.

Easy Cleaning: With a totally flat floor surface in the shower, cleaning a curbless shower couldn’t be easier. There’s no need to scrub all those extra angles and surfaces that a shower stall base would ordinarily introduce. Instead the bathroom floor and shower floor can be cleaned in one pass with a mop.

Choosing Your Curbless Shower Drain

Most curbless showers incorporate a sleek linear drain rather than a traditional round or square drain grate. Depending on your bathroom design, there are three main ways to place your linear drain:

  • Front: When a little bit of visual distinction between the bathroom and the shower area is desired, the linear drain can be placed at the threshold of the shower stall.
  • Back: Linear drains can also be placed at the back of the shower area. This is ideal for bathroom designs in which the shower space flows directly into the rest of the bathroom with no shower stall walls of any kind. Naturally the bathroom flooring must be sloped towards the back of the shower for this drain placement to work.
  • Perimeter: Custom linear drains may be created to run around the perimeter of the shower stall. This option works well as an echo of tile motifs that also run around the shower stall.

In addition to choosing your drain placement, you will also be able to choose from different styles and finishes of linear drains to suit your bathroom design. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we are proud to carry an excellent selection of designer drains for curbless showers from top brands like Infinity Drain. Please visit our showroom soon to take a look.