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Consider These 5 Steps to Pick Out the Best Bathroom Vanity

Consider These 5 Steps to Pick Out the Best Bathroom Vanity

Shopping for a bathroom vanity can be a lot of fun – until you become overwhelmed by all the options available to you. If you are in the process of narrowing down the options, we suggest that you consider these five factors in order to choose the right bathroom vanity for your choice. At Mission West Kitchen & Bath we are standing by to help you – just call us at (626) 799-3503 to learn more.

  1. Think About Who Will Be Using the Sink and How They Will Be Using It
  2. One of the most important aspects of the vanity will be who is using it and what they will be using it for. If you are part of a couple then you may want a double sink, while a single person may want just a single. If you plan to do your makeup and hair at your vanity, then you will need more room and storage than someone who plans to simply wash their hands and brush their teeth.

  3. Determine Where Your Plumbing is Located
  4. One of the deciding factors in where you can install your vanity is where the plumbing is located. You can make changes to this, but it will cost time and money. Ideally, you would find a vanity that fits with your current plumbing. The location of the plumbing can also affect the style you can chose, as you would not choose a floor-mounted vanity if the plumbing hookups are higher than average.

  5. Consider What Issues May Affect the Right Placement
  6. You can change the bathroom fixtures, your first choice tub, and other designs. What is much harder to change is the position of doors and walls. Think about which way the door swings as you do not want to deal with a door that swings in and hits your vanity. If you have a shower door instead of a curtain, think about how that door could potentially get in the way. Finally, think about the flow of traffic – you do not want your vanity to make it hard to take advantage of the rest of your bathroom.

  7. Think About Storage
  8. Storage is one of the most important things in a bathroom yet it is something that many homeowners say they don’t have nearly enough of. Vanities can bring more storage but only if you choose the right one and put it in the right space. Think about how many columns of drawers you can reasonably accommodate, think about how cabinets will extend, and consider the entire room as a whole.

  9. Take Wear and Tear into Consideration
  10. You want a vanity that will look great the day it is installed but, more importantly, you want a vanity that’s going to look great years from now. You will find plenty of cheap materials that may fit the bill today but will need to be replaced much sooner than they should. Turn to Mission West Kitchen & Bath for high-quality materials and products at competitive prices.