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Could the Right Kitchen Design Really Help Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle?

Could the Right Kitchen Design Really Help Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle?

There’s a lot to love about a classic, turn of the century home. There’s also a lot to say for the modern conveniences that come with an updated kitchen. With an old, cramped work space, you’ll be less likely to wash and cut produce. You won’t be able to find the room you need to stock up on fresh foods. Cleaning up can seem to take forever with clutter everywhere, which may encourage you to head to the local fast food spot for dinner.

At Mission West Kitchen & Bath, we’ve been helping clients as they shop for kitchen countertops, cabinetry, lighting, and more for many years. In that time, we’ve learned something really special: The more a person loves their kitchen, the more likely they are to use it. Most of us also know that the more a person cooks at home, the more likely they are to heat fresh, healthy foods. Read on to learn more about how kitchen design can impact healthy decisions and then stop by our showrooms or give us a call at (626) 799-3503.

An organized kitchen is one in which you’ll feel motivated to cook

Any medical professional is likely to agree that having a variety of foods is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In order to have a variety of foods, you need a wealth of kitchen tools – and you need somewhere to put them. For example, if you want to whip up a Thai curry loaded with fresh veggies, you don’t want to have to go through your entire cabinet to find the tiny mortar and pestle that’s there. More kitchen cabinets, and more organization, makes it much more pleasant to whip up a fresh meal.

Modern innovations can help you stay healthy

We live in interesting times when there are some very interesting appliances on the market. For example, products that you can simply speak your grocery list to, fridges that can provide different temperature zones within the same unit, dishwashers that automatically disable themselves if they have a leak, and other internet-connect appliances. If every day cooking becomes a high-tech adventure, you’ll be likely to get involved.

The easier it is to clean the easier it is to use

Many people want to cook dinner but when the think about the time it takes to both cook the meal and clean up afterwards, they become overwhelmed. If you want cleanup time to be as easy as possible, stick to smooth glass and metal surfaces. Skip wood and other rough textures that need to be deep cleaned on a regular basis. When you know it’ll just take a few minutes to clean up after dinner, you’ll have one less excuse not to do it.

Find out how to get your perfect kitchen

The bottom line is that if you love the way your kitchen looks and feels, and if you’re able to create a kitchen that’s easy and intuitive to use, then you’ve taken the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. To learn more about the many options in kitchen design, let Mission West Kitchen & Bath guide your way.