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Designing a Family Bathroom

Flair and functionality meet in the ideal family bathroom.

Designing a Family BathroomDesigning for kids doesn’t have to be cutesy or dull. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we have all kinds of quality designer elements that will aid you in creating a family bathroom that is both functional and beautiful. Whether you are designing a family bathroom to be shared by the kids or by the entire family, you will no doubt want to consider some of the following elements.

Double Vanity

In any shared bathroom, whether it is the master bath or a family bath, installing a double vanity is an excellent way of helping to create private domains in the shared space. We have many wonderful furniture-quality vanities to choose from in styles from traditional to modern. If you have kids, we suggest choosing drop-in sinks or undermount sinks rather than vessel sinks, as vessel sinks can add extra height that makes it difficult for smaller children to comfortably use the sink.

Ample Storage

Having plenty of room for storage in a shared family bathroom is also important. This can be a mix of concealed storage for cleaners and personal items in bathroom vanity cabinets or display storage for towels and such on open shelving. We can help you design custom storage solutions so all elements will match.

Durable Materials

In any high-traffic or high-use area, you want to be sure you are using durable materials that can stand up to the demands placed upon them. This can be especially true when kids are involved, as sometimes kids can be rougher on furniture and fixtures than adults. We can help you find durable, easy-to-clean bathroom countertops as well as solid wood bathroom cabinetry that will not warp or split if kids splash too much in the bathroom.

Sleek, Simple Fixtures

One final concern to keep in mind when designing a family bathroom is that keeping the fixtures sleek and simple may provide a better experience for all. Single-lever bathroom faucets are easier for kids to use than faucets with knobs that may be tough to grasp or turn. They are typically easier to clean too. You may also want to choose a skirted toilet model, as the exterior of this type of toilet is much easier to clean than a standard model. Skirted toilets have the added benefit of looking quite fresh and stylish for a family bathroom that meets the traditional needs of the family without being stuck in a traditional look.