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Details Matter—Get Designer Hardware

Mission West Kitchen and Bath has all the designer hardware options you need

Details Matter—Get Designer Hardware When it comes to your interior design, it’s not just about the big decisions like flooring, wall coverings, and furniture. Every item plays a role in creating the look, right down to the smallest details. This includes your hardware. Fortunately, you can find all the designer hardware you need at Mission West Kitchen and Bath.

Exterior Locksets

Obviously, the exterior of your home is extremely important in creating a good first impression and setting people’s expectations of what may be found inside. Don’t forget the details! One tiny detail that may be overlooked by residents who habitually enter through the garage—but not by visitors coming to the formal entry—is the lockset on the front door. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we have some absolutely beautiful options that can also provide ample security.

Interior Doorknobs

Interior doorknobs are also important in creating the desired look for your home. At our showroom, we have many options to choose from, including some options that lock for private spaces. We have many different finishes as well as different styles appropriate for modern and traditional homes.

Cabinet Hardware

With the right hardware, it’s easy to infuse your personality into even the simplest kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. We have an ample selection of pulls, tabs, handles, and knobs to suit most any style. Options are available in a variety of metallic finishes as well as different colors of glass or ceramic knobs.

Bathroom Hardware

In a small space like a bathroom, you really want all your hardware to match or at the very least complement each other. We do have some complete designer hardware collections that include everything you need to outfit your bathroom, from drawer pulls to towel rings to toilet paper holders. However, you can also mix and match among designers. We also have a nice selection of bathroom plumbing fixtures if you want to purchase all the finishing touches for the bathroom at once.

Outlet and Grill Covers

Electrical outlets and HVAC vents are absolutely necessary for a comfortable, functional home. Unfortunately, they can be anything from unremarkable to downright ugly. With products from Mission West Kitchen and Bath, you can change this. We have a nice selection of grill covers including ones in finishes that pop and finishes that blend in, so you can choose whether to highlight the grill or downplay it. We also have a few options for outlet covers, which are especially desirable for spots where the outlets are prominently placed, such as your bathroom vanity or kitchen backsplash.

Come Browse Our Showroom Today

Our inventory is always changing as our favorite designers put out new collections of hardware. We invite you to stop by today and take a look.