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Different Countertop Materials to Fit Different Personalities

Different Countertop Materials to Fit Different PersonalitiesWhen you get to remodel and design the home you actually want, you want it to display some of your personality at every possible facet. You breathed life into the home, you want people to see that you’re the one with the ingenuity. When it’s time to remodel the countertops, take some time to consider all the countertop materials out there and which pairs best with you and your needs.


Quartz is a popular countertop because it’s relatively inexpensive while also having the added benefit of being virtually maintenance free. They’re impact and heat resistant, scratch and acid resistant, and can’t be stained. They also come in a large array of patterns and colors, so you’re not limited to any one style just by choosing quartz.


Polished granite and granite countertops is the most popular material used for countertops among homeowners. The cost is comparable to quart, but the shine of polished granite has an advantage over quartz, which is a more matte material to work with. You get just about the same array of colors and patterns with granite as you do quartz, so it’s really your choice as to which you go for.


Having natural wooden countertops gives the whole room a warmer, cottage style look. It’s decorative and classy while still being completely functional. As long as you have a wooden countertop that’s been properly sealed and cleaned, they’re the perfect material for chopping meat and other food items on. It’s also highly heat-resistant, so warping is really a non-issue when it comes to this particular countertop material.


Another popular material among homeowners is marble. One of the most classic aesthetic looks, marble can fit into any kitchen or bathroom theme you already have planned out. While you have options for colors, marble looks good when paired with just about any color, so you can expect a calmer and cooler atmosphere no matter what you choose.

Stainless Steel

Finally, stainless steel offers a more clinical, industrial, modern look to your kitchen or bathroom. It brings the entire room up to the modern century, and maintains a sterile environment for cooking or cleaning. Because steel is just a metal, it can coordinate with virtually any color, so your options are unlimited with this particular countertop material, too. However, the most appealing characteristic of having stainless steel countertops is the fact that that metal inhibits bacteria from building up. It the most hygienic countertop material on the market to date.

While these don’t even come close to all the countertop materials offered by Mission West Kitchen and Bath, this is a variety that will fit a wide majority of people’s personalities. The countertop material may still be out there for you. A professional from Mission West Kitchen and Bath will be sure to help you find it. Just call (626) 799-3503 to speak with a Mission West Kitchen and Bath expert and set up an appointment today.