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Dreaming of a More Organized Kitchen? These Tips Can Turn That Dream into a Reality

Dreaming of a More Organized Kitchen? These Tips Can Turn That Dream into a Reality

No matter how beautiful a kitchen is, if it is not functional it is not doing its job. Whether you eat in your kitchen or it’s just a place to cook and prep food, your kitchen should be practical – and that all starts with organization. We know this can seem too overwhelming because you may not know where to start. Follow these tips from Mission West Kitchen & Bath and you’ll be living with a more organized kitchen in no time.

Make Better Use of Corner Cabinets with a Lazy Susan

If you have corner cabinets that are not being used effectively, a Lazy Susan could change the entire outlook on your kitchen. It can allow for the storage of many pots and pans without causing clutter in the kitchen. If you are considering storing spices, kitchen utensils, or other smaller objects then you can even install several levels to truly maximize the space.

If You’re Not Hanging Utensils or Pans Then You Are Wasting Space

If your kitchen has an island then it likely has some space above it – are you using that space? If not, hang some hooks and store your pots and pans. If you don’t have an island but you do have an empty wall the same principle applies: Hang up pots, pans, and other utensils to keep them close and easy to reach without taking too much space.

Make an Investment into Kitchen Storage

While it’s great to find that what you already have can be used in a more organized manner, in some cases you may simply need to invest to get the space you need. This could mean turning a mudroom into a pantry, installing addition shelves, or extending your cupboards. If you need assistance finding the right options we can help.

Make Sure You Are Using Every Inch of Your Kitchen

If you see any empty space or gaps between your cabinets and your appliances, look for ways to use that space. For example, a pull-out rack with beautiful hardware can be a great place to store dried herbs or canned goods. Rolling organizers do not take up a ton of space but can hold quite a bit.

Do You Need Help Finding the Best Products for Your Organized Kitchen?

At Mission West Kitchen & Bath we are proud to specialize in kitchen and bath materials and products. From new space-saving faucets to incredible vintage-inspired appliances, we can offer it all. Whether you know just what you need and want to find it all in the same place, or you want help from an experienced associate, call us at (626) 799-3503 or stop by our showroom.