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Looking for Materials to Restore a Craftsman Home?

Come to Mission West Kitchen & Bath for an excellent selection of high-quality products.

Looking for Materials to Restore a Craftsman Home?Here in the LA area, we have many charming hundred-year-old craftsman style homes. Unfortunately, as tastes changed over the years many of these homes were subjected to all kinds of indignities such as having all their lustrous woodwork painted white or having the original cabinetry, tile, and fixtures ripped out in favor of “modern” replacements that are now ugly and dated.

The good news is that it is possible to restore these Craftsman beauties to their former glory, though in some cases the necessary renovations may be quite extensive. One thing you can count on is that you can find many of the period-appropriate materials and design elements you will need through Mission West Kitchen & Bath.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

With such a heavy focus on detailed woodwork in Craftsman style homes, naturally you are going to need beautiful solid wood kitchen cabinetry. If the current cabinetry is beyond salvaging, or if you want to expand or reconfigure the kitchen, Mission West Kitchen & Bath can help. We can assist you in conceptualizing a design with just the right amount of detail for your style and then commission your custom cabinetry from experts who produce furniture-quality construction worthy of a Craftsman home.

Lighting Fixtures

The last thing you want is for bland, boring, modern lighting to detract from the look and feel of your Craftsman home. Fortunately, at Mission West Kitchen & Bath we stock an entire line of beautiful hand-made lighting options made by Arroyo Craftsman. You can choose from chandeliers for the foyer or dining room as well as pendants, flush mounts, and wall mounts. A variety of different finishes and glass types are available.

Plumbing Fixtures

If the bathroom is too small to accommodate a large wood vanity, a pedestal sink is the next best thing. You can find many retro designs suitable for a Craftsman style bathroom at Mission West Kitchen & Bath. We also have some excellent faucet options. Copper faucets are an excellent choice because they acquire character with age just like a Craftsman home itself.


The Craftsman style is all about celebrating the quality and uniqueness of hand-crafted items and natural materials. Our selection of hardware offers an ideal way to continue this style all through every detail of your home. We have just about everything you need from drawer pulls and handles to grille covers and doorknobs.