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Mold in the Bathroom Isn’t Inevitable: How to Prevent It

Mold in the Bathroom Isn’t Inevitable: How to Prevent It It’s true that bathrooms are essentially the perfect place for mold to grow. Mold is of course unsightly, but it can also be disastrous for your health. The problem is that many people believe that it’s simply a part of life while the truth is that you can prevent mold from growing in your bathroom. At Mission West Kitchen & Bath, we are in the business of creating beautiful bathrooms – and here are some ways you can help yours stay that way.

Get rid of clutter in your tub

Every single thing in your shower is another place that mold can start to grow unnoticed. You may be used to storing your shampoo, soap, and other shower goods in the shower, but a mold-friendly option is to wipe them down after every shower and store them somewhere drier.

Ventilation is your friend

Every single time you take a shower or use the bathtub, your bathroom needs to be ventilated. The easiest way is to keep the door open. If you have a fan, turn it on and let it run for at least half an hour after your shower. If you have a window and the humidity isn’t high, then open it up as well. The purpose is to lower the moisture that’s accumulating in your bathroom.

Wipe the walls every time you use the bathroom

It may sound like a pain, but all you need is a simple squeegee. After every shower or bath, just pull it out and wipe down the walls to remove extra water. Not only does this help the walls dry more quickly, but it also makes it harder for mold to grow.

Focus on mold-resistant products

From your countertops to your drywall, look for materials and products that are resistant to mold. There are mold-resistant shower curtains, and there is even paint we can use to paint your walls. At Mission West Kitchen & Bath, we can help give you some ideas for mold unfriendly products.

Take a look at your grout lines

One of the best places for mold to live is in the grout in your bathroom. You can seal your grout yourself with a smile sealer, or you can reach out to Mission West Kitchen & Bath for help. We’re here to install new shower fixtures and do anything else we can to help you reduce your mold.

Be proactive

If you do end up with mold, washing your walls with a mixture of water and bleach can get rid of minor mold outbreaks. However, your best bet is to keep it from growing in the first place. If you’re about to do a bathroom remodel and your current bathroom has a lot of mold – or consistently has a little mold – then make sure you mention that to Mission West Kitchen & Bath when you work with us. We can find unique solutions that keep your bathroom beautiful and healthy.