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Need More Storage Space in Your Bathroom? Try These Tips

Clever ways to use bathroom cabinetry to conceal your clutter

Need More Storage Space in Your Bathroom? Try These TipsWhen browsing photos of designer bathrooms, it’s easy to fall in love with the clean, sleek lines and sumptuous materials. But then you might stop and wonder, “But where do they keep all their stuff?” Nothing ruins the look of a high-end bathroom faster than your frayed toothbrush and half-used bottle of mouthwash sitting on the vanity.

Fortunately, there are many excellent storage solutions to explore that will allow you to keep all your bathroom essentials within easy reach, without actually having them on display for all to see. Here are some ideas on how to use bathroom cabinetry to maximize your storage.

Use Your Wall Space

Typically, when you think of bathroom cabinetry you think of a low vanity. However, don’t forget that you have room to go all the way to the ceiling with your cabinetry if you want. A tall, skinny cabinet can easily fit into an unused corner, and if you have a small bathroom, you might also consider adding a wall cabinet over the toilet.

Add Recessed Shelving Over a Soaking Tub

Soaking tubs are often set into a little nook with at least one full wall separating the tub from other parts of the room. If you add recessed shelving on this wall, you’ll not only add much-needed visual interest to an otherwise blank wall; you’ll also add valuable storage space. But with any open-faced shelving, remember that it must be kept tidy or you’ll spoil the classy look of your bathroom.

Stack Apothecary Drawers on a Double Vanity

Double vanities are very convenient, and these days many people find them practically essential for a master bath. However, sometimes you end up with a huge expanse of countertop that seems to be just begging for clutter to accumulate. Placing a small set of apothecary drawers between the sinks can help break up a long sweep of counter and give you more storage without taking away too much of your counter space.

Trick Out Your Under Sink Space

In many bathrooms, the center cabinet directly under the sink is mostly wasted space due to the bulky (and sometimes drippy) pipes. However, by adding clever cabinetry accessories like pull-out trays or back-of-door pockets you can use this cabinet space without risking having to root around under the pipes to get at your items.

Consider a Medicine Cabinet

These days, most of the designer bathrooms you see feature large, flat mirrors rather than your traditional mirrored medicine cabinet. However, this doesn’t mean that medicine cabinets are totally passé. They still provide an excellent storage option, particularly for small bathrooms or bathrooms featuring pedestal sinks or smaller vanities that would be overwhelmed by a large mirror.

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