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Hardware in Pasadena CA

Don’t make hardware an afterthought! Come to us for designer hardware in Pasadena CA that complements your unique style.

HardwareIf you’ve just invested in a new entry door, new kitchen cabinets, or bathroom remodel, the right hardware in Pasadena CA is absolutely essential to finishing off the look. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we have a tremendous selection of high-end designer hardware worthy of your new space. You won’t find anything dull or generic here-even our minimalist pieces seem like pieces of art.

We have all the items you need to put the finishing touches on any room in your home. Our collection includes the following types of hardware from some of the top brands in the business:

  • Door hardware
  • Drawer pulls
  • Cabinet knobs
  • Towel rings
  • Bath tissue holders
  • Hooks
  • Window locks
  • Grilles

Hardware in Pasadena CA to Suit Your Style

At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, our inventory of hardware in Pasadena CA runs the gamut from traditional to ultra-modern, with options suitable for every architectural style in between. Our offerings include hardware made from:

  • Wood
  • Ceramic
  • Art glass
  • Crystal
  • Wrought iron
  • Bronze
  • Brass (dozens of finishes)

Whether you want all the drawer pulls and door handles in your kitchen and bathroom to match, or prefer to create a different look in each room, we can help you find the right hardware in Pasadena CA for your design goals.

Don’t Stop at Hardware!

Hardware is sort of like an accessory; it can complement existing design elements but you need to make sure you have a solid foundation to start with. If new knobs isn’t quite enough to refresh your kitchen or bathroom, we can help with new fixtures, cabinets, countertops, or light fixtures.

Come Browse our Showroom

Whether you’re ready to buy your new hardware in Pasadena CA today or just want to explore your options further, we invite you to come browse our showroom in South Pasadena.