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Hardware stores in San Gabriel CA

Need to put the finishing touches on your doors, drawers or cabinets? Shop specialty hardware stores in San Gabriel CA.

There’s a saying: the devil’s in the details. The details and finishing touches can certainly be tricky when it comes to a kitchen or bath design project. After all, you don’t want to choose something so conservative it sucks the personality right out of the room. Instead you want to find interesting, appealing designs for your door handles, drawer pulls, lock sets, and more so that you really enjoy looking at them and using them every day.

Fortunately for you, Mission West Kitchen and Bath, the crème de la crème of your local hardware stores in San Gabriel CA, has the materials you need to perfect your design down to the tiniest detail.

We Have the Designer Hardware You Crave

Hardware stores in San Gabriel CAMost hardware stores in San Gabriel CA try to appeal to the masses with predictable, generic products. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we dare to be different. We offer a collection of designer hardware that is both elegant and unique. Come browse our:

  • Door hardware
  • Drawer pulls
  • Cabinet knobs
  • Towel rings
  • Bath tissue holders
  • Hooks
  • Window locks
  • Grilles

We have something for just about every taste, from sleek and modern to more traditional. And of course we offer your choice of materials such as cast iron, glass, ceramic, and a wide variety of metallic finishes.

Service Other Hardware Stores in San Gabriel CA Can’t Match

Ever wonder why you can’t get any help in your average hardware store until you hit the registers? It’s because they’re more about moving product than about creating stellar designs. If and when you do find a staff member in the hardware department to help you, they may not be able to answer your questions about the product or provide any serious assistance with your design concerns. This is exactly why you should skip these other hardware stores in San Gabriel CA and come to our showroom instead. We are passionate about design, and this shows in the beauty of our showroom and the expertise of our staff. We will help you find the look you want, even if you’re not quite sure what that might be yet.

Come visit us soon!