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Bathroom Sinks in San Marino CA

Explore stunning designer bathroom sinks in San Marino CA at Mission West Kitchen and Bath

Designer bathroom sinks run the gamut from bold statement pieces to simple, minimalist ones. You can find excellent examples of these types of sinks and everything in between at Mission West Kitchen and Bath. We have partnered with some of the top designers in the industry to bring you a superior selection of bathroom sinks in San Marino CA, including stone, porcelain, and copper models.

Types of Bathroom Sinks in San Marino CA

Design considerations aren’t the only factor to consider when selecting bathroom sinks in San Marino CA. You also need to consider the functionalities offered by different types of sinks. Find out how these popular sink types stack up on both counts.

Bathroom Sinks

  • Vessel: A vessel sink sits on top of the vanity rather than being inset below the counter. Plain white porcelain vessel sinks provide a nice vintage look, while natural stone ones look more contemporary. Be careful about the additional height a vessel sink may add and make sure it will still be comfortable to use.
  • Pedestal: Depending on the style of your bathroom, a pedestal sink can make a real statement. Choose from demure rounded designs or bolder square ones. Either way you get a lovely piece with a small footprint perfect for bathrooms where space is at a premium. Just bear in mind that you have no storage cabinets beneath a pedestal sink.
  • Drop-in: This type of sink is simply dropped in over an opening cut in the vanity top. While drop-in bathroom sinks in San Marino CA are the most common option, they are by no means dull and we have many different styles to choose from.
  • Undermount: For those who loathe cleaning that little lip around the edge of drop-in bathroom sinks in San Marino CA, undermount sinks provide a stylish alternative. In this type of sink the counter extends right over the edge of sink.

Don’t Forget Faucets

Bathroom sinks in San Marino CA can be affected quite dramatically by the faucets you pair them with. Make sure you’re choosing the right faucets for your sink by shopping at Mission West Kitchen and Bath. Vessel sinks typically require a wall mount faucet or a tall faucet set, while other types of sinks may offer more flexibility. You can browse tons of bathroom faucets to suit every style of sink at our showroom. Come visit us today.