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Want New Kitchen Cabinets? Try These Easy Updates First

Three relatively easy updates that could stave off a major kitchen remodel.

Want New Kitchen Cabinets? Try These Easy Updates FirstAre you unhappy with how your kitchen looks? Before you assume that the only way to get the look you want is to tear out your existing cabinets and install new ones, try these three updates.

Change the Hardware

Simply replacing all the knobs and handles on your cabinet doors and drawers can go a long ways towards changing the look of your kitchen. This is especially true if the cabinets themselves are relatively simple and allow for this kind of design versatility. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we have an excellent selection of cabinet hardware from some of the best designers working today. Whether your look is sleek and understated or bold and funky, we have options for you.

Replace Cabinet Doors

If you are bothered by a large expanse of boring cabinet doors, replacing a few sets with new glass doors could be just the update you need. Glass doors can not only help break up a wall of cabinets, but also create a focal point in the kitchen where you can display some of your prettier dishes and glassware. Of course you don’t have to choose glass doors when making the swap, but typically glass doors work best for the mix and match look and will save you from having to change out every single door and drawer in your kitchen.

Repaint or Refinish

If you are unhappy with the color of your cabinets, you might consider repainting or refinishing them. If you take this approach, make sure you take the time to properly prep the cabinets to receive the new color. If you don’t, it may look okay in the short term but you will not be happy with the result in a few years’ time. Solid wood cabinets typically lend themselves best to repainting or refinishing, but it is possible to repaint laminate cabinets as well.

No Luck? Time for Custom Cabinetry

If none of these updates seems likely to solve your kitchen cabinet problems, you will need to replace the cabinets. To get the best value for your investment in new kitchen cabinetry, we highly recommend going the custom route. This will cost more initially, but your custom cabinets will be very well-made and will last longer than factory made cabinets. Plus, when you choose custom cabinetry you get the ability to make your kitchen look and function exactly how you want. To learn more about the superior cabinet makers we partner with, please contact us at (626) 799-3503 today.