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Which Type of Toilet is Best for Your Bathroom?

Pros and cons of the top 3 types of toilets.

If you are designing a new bathroom or remodeling an old one, the toilet may not be among your top priorities from a design perspective. Yet the toilet is certainly a centerpiece of any bathroom and should be chosen carefully. After all, your toilet is likely to get flushed 2,000+ times per year. Make sure you enjoy every flush by carefully considering the following styles and features before selecting your new toilet.

Choosing the Right Type of Toilet

As a first step to choosing the right toilet for your bathroom, you will probably want to narrow it down by toilet construction. You can choose from:Which Type of Toilet is Best for Your Bathroom?

  • Two-Piece Toilets: The two-piece toilet with tank and bowl connected by bolts is the classic model familiar to all Americans. This type of toilet is ideal for a traditional or vintage style bathroom. One shortcoming is that it is possible for the bolts joining to the two pieces of the toilet to rust or leak after a number of years, but many people appreciate that this type of toilet has a better price point than other types.
  • One-Piece Toilets: One-piece toilets offer an updated look for the bathroom with sleek, uninterrupted lines and a slim profile. They are ideal for smaller bathrooms and people often tuck the tank beneath a countertop extension to save space in the bathroom. The one-piece design prevents any issues with rusty bolts and is also easier to clean.
  • Wall-Hung Toilets: Wall-hung toilets are the most exciting type of toilet from a design perspective. They provide a very European look with the tank completely concealed within the wall and only the bowl exposed. Round, square, and octagonal shapes are available, often with matching bidets.

Extra Features to Consider

Beyond the type of toilet construction, there are many other features that can enhance the look and performance of the toilet:

  • Touchless Technology: Touchless technology enables a hands-free flush to help keep bathrooms more sanitary.
  • Dual-Flush: Dual-flush systems help conserve water by offering the choice of two flush strengths for different needs.
  • Bowl Shape: Depending on the size of the bathroom, you might want a space-saving round-front or compact elongated bowl instead of the larger elongated bowl shape.
  • Toilet Height: Chair-height toilets provide a more comfortable experience, especially for those who may have mobility issues.
  • Skirted or Non-Skirted: Skirted toilets conceal the trapway beneath the bowl for a sleek look as well as a smooth surface that is much easier to clean.