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2018 is Here: Learn About the Newest Trends in Kitchen and Bath Design

2018 is Here: Learn About the Newest Trends in Kitchen and Bath Design

The newer year is upon us and at Mission West Kitchen & Bath that means it’s time to take a look at the newest trends of the new year. Read on to learn about 2018 trends in kitchen and bath design. We’ll offer tips, ideas, and lost more. If you’re ready to get started, or you have questions, stop by our showroom or call us at (626) 799-3503 with any questions you have.

2018 will be the year of colorful kitchens

There’s no question that white will likely always be the classic choice in kitchen design. However, in 2018 we expect that bolder colors are going to become more popular. Expect it to start with colors like plum, gray, and blue on cabinets in both bathrooms and kitchens. You’ll also likely see neutral colors get a little more interesting, in shades like camel, tobacco, and rust.

Two-tone cabinets in the bathroom are on their way in

You’ll see lots of bathroom cabinets get a little more interesting. Expect for darker colors, like mahogany and other wood tones. Then expect that they’ll look more modern. One example will be two-tone cabinets that bring with them extra depth and character.

Granite is out and quartz is in

Quartz countertops are not a new trend but there has been some question about the staying power of this trend. In 2018 we’re here to tell you: Granite is out and quartz countertops are here to stay. This is not surprising when you consider that quartz is so much more resilient and easy to maintain compared to granite – plus it’s anti-microbial. Today’s quartz comes in almost any color you can think of, thanks to the newest technologies that can even make it look like natural stone.

White sinks are going to become less popular

White sinks – and white appliances – are on their way to being a thing of the past. Instead, expect to see darker hued sinks made with things like granite, concrete, copper, or stone. Kids bathrooms are likely to have bucket sinks or troughs, and you’ll see these types of sinks in craft rooms and laundry rooms.

Kitchens will continue to get smarter and smarter

The 2018 is going to be smarter than ever before. You’ll see technology into every aspect of kitchen life. You’ll see new outlets that include USB chargers. You’ll see faucets that work with motion sensors. You’ll see lighting that’s controlled by smart phones and tablets. You’ll even see digital showers that keep the water at the perfect temperature the entire time you’re showering.

These new 2018 kitchen and bathroom trends are interesting but they’re not the only options out there. Whether you want something wild that’s not yet trending, or you like to stick with the classics, you can get help from Mission West Kitchen & Bath. Call us at (626) 799-3503 today or stop by our showroom. We look forward to helping you create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.