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4 Bathroom Design Options with an Impressive Return on Investment

4 Bathroom Design Options with an Impressive Return on Investment

You will consider a number of factors when choosing new elements of your bathroom remodeling project, including the potential return on investment. While there’s no way to guarantee that a particular project will have a definite return on investment, there are some trends that have been offering higher than average return on investment lately.

  1. New Sinks
  2. Choosing the right bathroom sink can be a great way to get a return on your investment. Double vanities are always a good investment because they allow more than one person to get ready, brush their teeth, or otherwise use the bathroom sinks at the same time. They also offer double the storage, which can be a huge selling point for future buyers. If you have a larger bathroom, double vanities are also a great way to double the storage space. Smaller bathrooms look great with smaller options, such as pedestal sinks, that leave more room underneath them.

  3. Large Showers
  4. We’ll get to tubs later, but consider that instead of installing tubs, many people are installing large, walk-in shower stalls. There are a ton of design options, from glass frameless doors to natural wood. These are particularly popular in homes with older generations as showers are generally easier to get in and out of. If this may be a concern for your home in the next ten years, then it may make the most sense to install a shower rather than a tub.

  5. Large Tubs
  6. While large showers may be gaining in popularity, that does not mean that large tubs are no longer popular – quite the opposite. In fact, some homeowners with large bathrooms are choosing to install both a large shower and a large soaking tub. Today’s tubs are especially popular as more and more people begin to care about self-care. They are also so beautifully designed that they can be a lovely accent even when not in use.

  7. Bright and Bold Colors
  8. We are seeing lost of bright, bold colors this year. When recent years saw plain white bathrooms take top prizes in design contests, this year we are seeing more pinks, blues, and greens. The key to choosing a color for your bathroom that will help get you a good return on investment is to choose a color that offers a balance between showing off personality and is neutral enough for everyone to love.

If you need help making decisions about your bathroom remodel, then you have just a single call to me: To Mission West Kitchen & Bath. We are standing by to help answer your questions about trends, investments, and how to choose the right elements for your new bathroom. You can also stop by our showroom to see our unique products in person.