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5 Easy Kitchen Design Updates

Consider one of these 5 easy ideas to quickly give your kitchen a new look.

Do you feel like your kitchen’s look could use a little change? You might be surprised by how big of an impact a few small updates can make. Before you commit to remodeling the kitchen entirely, why not try one of the following ideas to give your old kitchen design a little kick.

Add Statement Lighting

: 5 Easy Kitchen Design UpdatesThe right lighting is absolutely essential in a kitchen, not only in order to enable to you to do your meal prep in safety and comfort but also to let your kitchen look its best. You may not be showing off all the features to their fullest advantage without the right lighting. In addition to providing these essential functionalities, kitchen lighting fixtures can also serve an aesthetic purpose all of their own, especially when a statement piece from a quality lighting design studio is chosen. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, we can help you find the right lighting solutions to transform the look of your kitchen.

Get New Faucets

Another easy way to update your kitchen is by simply swapping out your kitchen faucets for a new set. While you will need to choose a set that fits your current sink and matches its finish, beyond these concerns you may have many different options to choose from. Again, choosing a statement piece for your kitchen faucet can change the tone of the whole kitchen.

Change Cabinet Hardware

Drawer pulls and cabinet door knobs are sometimes treated as an afterthought, but in reality they can be a powerful design element. Simply switching from traditional round knobs to sleek, minimalist tabs can radically transform the look of a bank of cabinet doors or drawers.

Refresh Paint

Changing the color of the paint on kitchen walls and cabinets is another relatively easy way to transform the space. You might try out a bold new color or just change your neutral shades a few tones. Either way it can make a big difference in the look of the kitchen.

New Cabinet Fronts

One final easy kitchen update idea is to change your cabinet doors. Provided your original cabinets are solid wood and in good condition, you might order new custom door fronts to change their look without the hassle of replacing all the cabinets entirely. You might also decide to remove some doors entirely to open up a small kitchen or create display areas for your fine china or other kitchen wares.