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5 Essential Elements of a Major Kitchen Remodel

5 Essential Elements of a Major Kitchen RemodelUnless you are hiring a design contractor to handle every aspect of your kitchen remodel, you are likely starting at a point of uncertainty. What are the most important factors to consider? What elements are must-dos and which ones can be missed? While every kitchen is different, these are some of the elements we generally recommend thinking about when remodeling a kitchen.

  1. New Kitchen Cabinets
  2. There is nothing that will have the impact of updating your kitchen cabinets. If you already love the layout and design of them, then you can consider refacing your kitchen cabinets. This allows you to simply replace the front and hardware. You get the look of brand-new cabinets without the hassle and the cost.

    If you do not like the layout of your cabinets, or they are in generally poor shape, then brand-new cabinets may be the best option. Today’s material options are extensive and include everything from steel to recycled wood.

  3. New Countertops
  4. Countertops are another upgrade that can have a huge impact. You can choose from a huge range of countertop types, from butcher block to laminate to granite. You should choose a material that is easy to care for, durable, and can stand up to wet conditions. When you work with Mission West Kitchen & Bath we can help you find the right balance between beauty and function.

  5. New Flooring
  6. Flooring not only impacts the way your kitchen looks, but it can also have a huge impact on how the space feels. You want a kitchen floor that is durable, beautiful, and easy to clean. You want a kitchen floor that is comfortable to stand on for hours at a time. There is no single type of flooring that works for everyone – there are actually dozens of incredible kitchen flooring options that may look great in your room.

  7. New Paint
  8. It can be incredible to see the difference that slapping up a new coat of paint can make in your kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen look larger, choose a color that is light and bright. If you want the kitchen to look more rustic and romantic, choose a darker color. There are many options and we can help you choose the right color scheme for your unique room.

  9. New Windows
  10. If your kitchen has windows, updating them can make a huge difference. Letting in more natural light can really open up the room and help it look larger. It can also simply make it more enjoyable to be in the kitchen.

If you have questions about remolding your kitchen, or you need assistance finding the right materials and products to remodel it, contact Mission West Kitchen & Bath at (626) 799-3503 or stop by our showroom to find your best options.