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5 Simple Ways to Add a Pop of Color to Your Kitchen

5 Simple Ways to Add a Pop of Color to Your Kitchen

If you know your kitchen isn’t quite perfect but you’re not sure what the problem is, it may be that you need a pop of color. Neutral kitchens are popular, stunning, and a great long-term investment but they can become bland. If you think this may be the problem, consider one of these five simple ways to add a pop of color to your kitchen décor.

  1. Create a Colorful Display
  2. If you have colorful dishes or cookware that you love, put it on display. You can install open shelving that shows off these lovely colors but also works as a great way to store your belongings. You can use wooden shelves and greenery if you would like add a natural element too. You have total creative freedom with this project and can easily change it up to use different display pieces at any time.

  3. Install a Colorful Backsplash
  4. There are an endless number of lovely colors you can choose when you pick out a backsplash. You can pick a single color that adds a great pop, or you can add a backsplash with a rainbow of colors. We recommend that you choose an easy-to-clean backsplash because if it’s the only colorful spot in the kitchen it is sure to draw the eye.

  5. Choose Colorful Cabinets
  6. You can choose bright, bold colors for cabinet doors that will truly stand out. You can choose to have all your cabinet doors this bright color or you can use neutral colors for most cabinets and have one or two doors pop.

  7. Remember Your Rugs
  8. If you want something that is less permanent, then a colorful rug may be a good choice for you. Remember that it will only be seen by those who walk into the kitchen so it will not add the overreaching bold color you may want. Look for a rug that can be machine washed as it is sure to get dirty on the kitchen floor.

  9. Consider Unique Fixtures
  10. Finally, think about the various fixtures throughout your kitchen. You may have a kitchen that’s all black and white and adding a gold-colored kitchen sink could really stand out. Maybe a copper kitchen faucet will make a big difference. Choosing options that are both functional and fabulous is a great way to get double for your money.

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