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6 Reasons to Consider Installing a Bidet in Your Remodeled Bathroom

6 Reasons to Consider Installing a Bidet in Your Remodeled BathroomIt may be relatively rare to use bidets in the United States but they’ve been a must-have in European countries and other areas of the world for centuries. At Mission West Kitchen & Bath, we strive to provide bathroom remodels that perfectly meet our clients’ needs. That’s why we want to present six reasons that it may be worth your while to consider installing a bidet when you remodel your bathroom.

  1. You could save a significant amount of toilet paper

  2. Of course, installing a bidet doesn’t mean you’ll stop using toilet paper altogether, but it could result in a significant drop in the amount you use. Remember that in the United States, more than 36 million rolls are used each year. That’s about 15 million trees! Bidets help significantly reduce the amount of toilet paper needed, which is reason enough for some people to consider installing one.

  3. You might actually use less water with a bidet

  4. This is a big surprise to many people. After all, if you’re using an additional appliance that uses water, wouldn’t you be using more water? The truth is that the bidet does use water but it uses a fraction of the water that’s used every time the toilet is flushed. For older toilets that must be flushed a few times to get rid of all the toilet paper, it can be more efficient to use a bidet.

  5. Your plumbing system will thank you

  6. At Mission West Kitchen & Bath, we can install incredible plumbing fixtures and ensure that your remodel looks great. However, if you have an older home with an older plumbing system, even the newest looking toilet may not fare well. Flushing toilet paper can be a hazard to the environment and to a septic tank.

  7. Bidets are much more affordable than you think

  8. Most people think of bidets as a luxury item simply because it’s not common to see them in the United States. However, make no mistake – they’re actually not that expensive. Call us at (626) 799-3503 to get more information and for a quote on how much your new bidet will cost.

  9. Today’s bidets are versatile

  10. We’re always excited to show our clients the huge range of toilets and bidets available on today’s market. Gone are the days of a single style of bathroom fixtures. Today you can get truly stylish bidets that are essentially a work of art. You can even have a bidet installed right on to your existing toilet.

  11. You can save money

  12. We’ve mentioned above that using a bidet can help you save water and use less toilet paper. When you combine those two aspects what do you get? Less money spent! Who wouldn’t want to be cleaner while creating less waste and saving money?

If you’re interested in adding a bidet to your bathroom remodel, or you want to stick with the classic toilet, Mission West Kitchen & Bath can help. We create luxury bathrooms and kitchens for clients of discerning taste. Contact us today at (626) 799-3503 for more information.