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6 Simple Ways to Create a Cozy Coffee Shop Vibe in Your Kitchen

Fun kitchen updates that can turn your home into a favorite gathering spot.

6 Simple Ways to Create a Cozy Coffee Shop Vibe in Your KitchenAmerica’s love affair with the coffee shop is still going strong. However, it’s not always convenient to head out to the local coffee shop when you need your morning (or afternoon) brew. Creating a cozy coffee shop vibe in your own kitchen can help you enjoy the coffee shop experience any time you want, without having to face the high retail markup on your favorite drinks and snacks. It will also give you a more intimate and private space to meet up with friends. And it’s not that hard to achieve! Here are 6 simple suggestions to get you started.

Embrace Warm Colors

First of all, you have to set the mood with the right color palette. Rich, warm tones are especially helpful. You can incorporate anything from dark espresso colored wood to creamy café au lait cabinets depending on your preferences. What you probably don’t want is a sterile or industrial look.

Add Seating

A comfy place to sit and sip is obviously essential to the coffee shop experience. Depending on the space you have available in your kitchen, you may have several options. First, you might consider creating bar or counter seating. If you can have this bar face a window, it will really mimic that coffee shop experience of sitting and watching the world go by. Next, you might consider adding a comfy chair or two. If there’s not room for overstuffed chairs, you could add a tiny table and chairs similar to the outdoor seating you might find at a coffee shop.

Get a Wood Countertop

What is it about exposed brick and wood that just screams coffee shop? While adding brick walls to your kitchen might be a bit of a stretch, you can easily find a beautiful wood countertop at Mission West Kitchen and Bath.

Install a Fancy Faucet

Coffee shops are full of all kinds of sleek-looking modern gadgets. One way to add this aesthetic to your kitchen is to install an eye-catching kitchen faucet with surprising, modern lines.

Hang a Blackboard

One fun addition for creative types is a blackboard, which can be used in traditional coffee shop style to post a menu for guests or just to write silly or inspiring messages for your family members. The blackboard can be any size, and you can even consider using blackboard paint instead of hanging an actual blackboard.

Create a Coffee Cabinet

Creating a coffee cabinet is an excellent way to keep all your coffee accoutrements organized. Plus, you can display or hide your coffee stuff as the occasion demands. Be sure that the cabinet maker includes access to an electrical outlet in the cabinet and also consider adding special touches like a row of hooks or a small shelf for storing mugs.