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A Look to the Future: Anticipated 2019 Trends in Kitchen Design

A Look to the Future: Anticipated 2019 Trends in Kitchen Design

As the year starts winding down, at Mission West Kitchen & Bath we are reflecting on some of the incredible projects we’ve completed but we’re also looking toward the future. In our decades of experience, we know that choosing design elements that the homeowner loves is the most important thing. However, we are also sure to be in a position to provide accurate information to our clients about current and future trends.

While the true trends of 2019 kitchen design will not be clear for some months to come, we’ve seen started to see some repeated patterns that may indicate what the top trends will be in 2019. Take a look at our predictions and see which ones you fall in love with. If you are ready to remodel your kitchen, contact Mission West Kitchen & Bath at (626) 799-3503 for a free quote and consultation.

Kitchens will incorporate more technology

It doesn’t take an expert to know that technology is in high demand in many industries. However, in the world of design some trends have started to see this reduced. As homeowners become wary of entirely automating their homes, they begin to look to more classic elements. This has not yet been seen in kitchens.

In fact, we have seen homeowners moving toward smart kitchen technology at breakneck speed. This includes smart appliances, motion sensors, smart lighting, and much more. It can cost a pretty penny to completely outfit a kitchen with the latest in technology, but replacing one appliance at a time can be a cost-effective option for some homeowners.

Warm kitchen floors

Kitchens have always been a room in the home that families tend to flock around. However, until recent years ensuring comfort as a part of a kitchen’s design has not been a priority. This is changing. We are seeing a lot of ways in which kitchens are becoming cozier, including adding warm floors. A popular choice are high-quality hardwood floors that add elegance and style too.

Unique layouts

For homeowners building a kitchen from scratch, there may be additional layout options in 2019. Traditional kitchens are designed in the way they are for a reason – these layouts are tried and true. However, we’re seeing homes with fridges in corners, appliances on the opposite side of where we’d expect, and even a return to the galley-style kitchens.

Eclectic color combinations

Bold and colorful kitchens are likely to be all the rage in 2019. From colorful and unique appliances, to hand painted tiles that create a mosaic masterpiece, there seems to be no shortage of ways in which designers are finding ways to add splashes of color all over the kitchen.

Remember that while looking at design trends is a great way to get inspired, it all comes down to your person preferences. When you choose to work with Mission West Kitchen & Bath, you can count on us to offer our design advice but to follow your vision. Contact us at (626) 799-3503 to get the process started.