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All the Materials You Need to Restore Your Craftsman Style Home in the Los Angeles Area

All the Materials You Need to Restore Your Craftsman Style Home in the Los Angeles Area

We have several wonderful craftsman-style homes that are more than 100 years old here in the LA region. Unfortunately, as tastes evolved over time, many of these homes were subjected to a variety of indignities, including having their beautiful woodwork painted white or having the original cabinetry, tile, and fixtures torn out and replaced with “modern” alternatives that are now outdated.

The good news is that although the required restorations may occasionally be rather significant, it is feasible to bring these Craftsman gems back to their previous splendor. You can rely on Mission West Kitchen & Bath to provide you with many of the historical materials and design components you want. Keep reading to learn more and then call us at (626) 799-3503 with any questions or stop by our showroom for your convenience.

Kitchen cabinets made to order

You will need lovely solid wood kitchen cabinetry since Craftsman style homes place such an emphasis on intricate woodwork. Mission West Kitchen & Bath can assist if the present cabinets cannot be salvaged or if you wish to extend or reorganize the kitchen. We can help you come up with a design that is just appropriate in terms of detail for your style, and we can then hire professionals to build your custom cabinets so that they are of furniture-quality and fit for a Craftsman-style home.


The last thing you want is for your Craftsman-style house to lose its charm due to dull, contemporary lighting. Fortunately, Arroyo Craftsman produces a lovely variety of handcrafted lighting alternatives that we carry at Mission West Kitchen & Bath. For the dining room or foyer, you have the option of hanging pendant lights, flush mounts, or wall mounts. There are many different glass kinds and coatings to choose from.

Plumbing equipment

A pedestal sink is an excellent alternative to a huge wood vanity if the bathroom is too small for one. At Mission West Kitchen & Bath, you may discover a variety of vintage styles that work well in a Craftsman-style bathroom. Additionally, we offer some great faucet selections. Copper faucets are a great option since they age well and develop character, much as a Craftsman home would.


The quality and individuality of handcrafted objects and natural materials are highly valued in the Craftsman style. Our hardware options provide a perfect method to carry this theme throughout every aspect of your house. From grille covers and doorknobs to drawer pulls and handles, we pretty much have everything you could possibly need.