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Are You Considering Installing a Floating Vanity in Your Bathroom? Learn the Factors You Should Consider

Are You Considering Installing a Floating Vanity in Your Bathroom? Learn the Factors You Should Consider

Are you itching to add a floating vanity to your bathroom in order to follow the trend? To be sure you’re choosing wisely, ask yourself these questions first. Remember that you can trust Mission West Kitchen & Bath at (626) 799-3503 to offer a wide range of vanities and other products for your bathroom or kitchen remodel.

Are you going to install it yourself?

A floating vanity is probably not what you want if you’re looking for something simple to install yourself. These vanities must have the appropriate structural supports because they are wall-anchored. Additionally, the cabinet must be hung absolutely evenly. Of course, you don’t want to take a chance with your vanity sliding off the wall or hanging incorrectly.

What amount of storage can you give up?

The simplest floating vanities also have the most spectacular designs. This implies that you will lose some vanity storage space. However, this is acceptable if you have other storage options in the bathroom, like a wall cabinet or a built-in closet. Nevertheless, when selecting a floating vanity, you should give great consideration to your storage requirements and your vanity usage patterns. If you prefer and need a traditional vanity cabinet, some versions actually have almost as much storage. Just keep in mind that the sleek, contemporary appearance of your floating vanity will be ruined as soon as you allow it to become too cluttered with items.

Which bathroom does it belong in?

Because they help the little area feel larger, floating vanities are frequently the best choice for small bathrooms and powder rooms. You won’t be as concerned about storage if the bathroom is a guest bathroom or a little powder room, for example. You should probably go for a floating vanity that allows for a double sink if you’re thinking about getting one for your master bathroom.

The rest of the restroom: can it keep up?

One of the biggest trends in contemporary bathroom design right now is floating vanities. However, unless your bathroom is already pretty modern, you can’t just cram them into your current bathroom design. As a result, before you fall in love with a floating vanity, be sure the rest of your bathroom won’t be embarrassed by its avant-garde design—or be sure you’re prepared to do some significant alterations.

Want assistance choosing a bathroom vanity?

Visit Mission West Kitchen & Bath for assistance selecting a bathroom vanity. There are several floating vanities among our selection of high-quality bathroom cabinets. You can stop by our showroom or contact us at (626) 799-3503 with questions.