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Do Any of These Benefits of Working with a Local Company Surprise You?

Do Any of These Benefits of Working with a Local Company Surprise You?

The notion of purchasing locally has been promoted in many areas around the country. Discount weekends with a collection of local merchants, banners encouraging neighborhood residents to “buy local,” and other approaches are common examples. We couldn’t agree more at Mission West Kitchen & Bath. We want to be your one-stop shop for a comprehensive choice of materials for kitchen and bathroom design and remodeling.

While many individuals appreciate the notion of purchasing locally, others see allegedly reduced pricing online or at local big-box retailers and believe that shopping with them will save them money. In the long run, however, this isn’t always the case. Continue reading to discover more, then contact us at (626) 799-3503 or visit one of our showrooms.

Small enterprises are what distinguishes cities and communities

There wouldn’t be much of a distinction between cities if they all had the same chain hardware store, restaurants, malls, and other amenities. What comes to mind when you think about South Pasadena and what distinguishes us from other cities in the area? A local business is likely to rank high on the list of things that spring to mind.

You’re creating a sense of belonging

Do you want to live in a neighborhood where you can get to know your neighbors and rely on them in an emergency? Or would you like to live in a place where you know no one? Shopping at local coffee shops, artisan businesses, and other local establishments can help to foster community and solidarity. How? Because live music, knitting circles, reading groups, and children’s story hours are frequently held there. These companies contribute much to the community, but they can only survive if we help them.

You’re putting money into the local economy

It’s no surprise that spending money in your community keeps money in your community, but the amount to which this impacts you may surprise you. According to a research conducted by the American Independent Shop Alliance, spending a single dollar at a local business results in three times the amount of money coming to the local economy as spending the same $1 at a chain store.

You can collaborate with a firm you already know and trust

We understand how appealing a cheap price on kitchen cabinets might be. We also know that buying from a faceless firm on the internet or a big box shop with inexperienced workers doesn’t always provide customers with a sense of security. When you pick Mission West Kitchen & Bath, you’re choosing a local shop that will be there for you if you have any questions or issues.

We can assist you in determining which appliances are appropriate for your kitchen. We can assist you with plumbing fixtures if necessary. We offer various showrooms where you can see genuine plumbing fittings, lighting fixtures, and other items rather than just photographs on a screen. Visit us today or contact us at (626) 799-3503.