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Is a Floating Vanity Right for Your Bathroom?

Points to keep in mind when considering installing a floating vanity

Is a Floating Vanity Right for Your Bathroom?Are you feeling eager to jump on the trend of floating vanities by installing one in your bathroom? Ask yourself these questions first to make sure you’re making the right decision.

Are You Planning a DIY Job?

If you’re hoping to get a vanity you can install yourself as an easy DIY project, a floating vanity is probably not for you. Because these vanities are wall-anchored, it is essential to have the correct structural supports in place. You also need to hang the cabinet perfectly evenly. You obviously don’t want to risk your vanity hanging crooked or falling off the wall.

How Much Storage Can You Sacrifice?

The most dramatic floating vanities are also the most minimalist. This means you’re going to lose some storage in the vanity. But this is okay as long as you have adequate storage elsewhere in the bathroom, such as in a built-in closet or a wall cabinet. Even so, you should think carefully about your storage needs and your vanity use habits when choosing a floating vanity. Some models actually have almost as much storage as a traditional vanity cabinet if that’s what you want and need. Just remember—as soon as your let your vanity clutter up with too much stuff, the clean, modern look of your floating vanity will be compromised.

Which Bathroom Is It For?

Floating vanities are often ideal for small bathrooms and powder rooms because they help make the small space feel larger. And if the bathroom is not heavily used (like a guest bathroom or powder room) you probably won’t be as worried about storage. If you are considering a floating vanity for your master bath, you will probably want one that allows for a double sink.

Can the Rest of the Bathroom Keep Up?

Floating vanities are one of the hottest trends in modern bathroom design right now. But they’re not something you can easily shoehorn into your existing bathroom design, unless your bathroom already happens to be quite modern. So, before you fall in love with a floating vanity, make sure the rest of your bathroom won’t be embarrassed by its cutting-edge style—or be sure you’re willing to do some major renovations.

Need Help Selecting a Bathroom Vanity?

If you need help choosing your bathroom vanity, come to Mission West Kitchen and Bath. We have plenty of top-quality bathroom cabinetry to choose from, including many floating vanities.