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Kitchen Sink Must-Haves for the Home Chef

Learn about the latest accessories that can make kitchen prep and cleanup easier.

Kitchen Sink Must-Haves for the Home ChefIf you love to cook—or if you have to cook a lot for your family—you know that your kitchen sink needs to be much more than just a design accent for your kitchen. Your sink plays a big role in your workflow, so you need a sink that is practical as well as beautiful.

Here are some of the top features you many want to look for when choosing a new sink for your busy kitchen.

Cutting Board System: Many of the latest undermount kitchen sinks are now coming equipped with cutting boards that can easily slot into the sink opening. With a cutout hole to send food scraps into the sink and down the disposal, these cutting boards can really streamline your workflow. Plus, they look pretty slick.

Clutter Killing Caddies: If you’ve invested in a beautiful kitchen countertop, you probably don’t like to clutter it up with lots of ugly utilitarian items like soap dispensers, sponges, and scrub brushes. Many sinks offer specially designed caddy systems to corral this clutter. For example, you might choose a system with a special pocket for your sponge or a small towel bar inside the sink for your dishcloth. Caddies designed to hold dirty silverware are also available.

Bottom Rack: While the primary purpose of a rack in the bottom of your sink is to protect the finish from scratches, racks can also be very convenient when it comes to washing produce. If you have a deep sink, you might like a raised rack that will put your produce within easy reach while washing.

Secondary Prep Sink: If you have a large kitchen that can accommodate a second sink in an island or a dedicated prep area, go for it. Having a second sink will help you keep prep and cleanup tasks separate, which will not only keep you organized but also make cooking more convenient. Some people like to opt for a no-touch faucet at the prep sink so that they can wash bread dough or other messes off their hands without touching the faucet.

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