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Learn about 6 of the Top Countertop Trends in 2019

Learn about 6 of the Top Countertop Trends in 2019

Finding the right countertop for your bathroom or kitchen can be difficult yet exciting. At Mission West Kitchen & Bath we carry numerous options, all of which are of the highest quality. Keep reading to learn about six of the latest trends in countertops but remember that there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple either.

  1. Quartz Will Continue to Be Popular
  2. Granite was dominating the countertop scene for many years due to the fact that it is durable, strong, and looks great. However, there is one big downside: It is very porous. That means that any type of water, oil, etc., has the potential to stain it. This porousness can also lead to bacteria growing. As a result of these downsides – plus the high cost – quartz became known as a popular alternative. While some weren’t sure if this would last, indeed its popularity has done nothing but grow.

  3. The Debate Conditions: Honed vs. Polished
  4. Anyone who was hoping for an answer to the age-old debate of hone vs. polished will not be happy with the fact that this is far from being settled. Polished is more popular, but honed options – and even textured choices like leather – are growing in popularity year after year. Honed options can be applied to granite, quartz, marble, and other materials.

  5. Patterns Are Very Popular in 2019
  6. We have noticed not just in countertops but in everything from fixtures to accessories, homeowners are focusing more on character than they have in the past. This is due in part to the role that technology plays – it is easier and more cost effective than ever before to offer creative ways to add patterns to countertops.

  7. Kitchen Sinks Are Becoming More Integrated
  8. As countertops become more modern, kitchen sinks are close behind. You will find that integrated sinks are no long as popular as they were in recent years. Instead, homeowners are looking for unique finishes, sizes, and styles that work with their countertops but are not a part of them. We’re also seeing quite a few oversized sinks take over the industry.

  9. Neutral May Be Making a Comeback
  10. One of the most surprising aspects of countertop trends is the fact that more people are showing a preference for soft neutral tones than we are used to. We have been watching Art Deco and mid-century modern take their place in the kitchen, and they are now being pushed out by neutrals.

  11. Backsplashes Are Coming Out
  12. Backsplashes are no longer just for the backsplash – these tiles are now being used on the counters more and more often. In some cases the enter counter could be tile, while in other instances there is some bright, backsplash tile within the counter.

One thing that will not be changing with the seasons is the high quality products you have come to expect from Mission West Kitchen & Bath. We will continue offering the best in the business and look forward to helping you find your perfect countertop.