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Learn How the Right Appliances Can Have a Huge Impact on the Design of Your Kitchen

Learn How the Right Appliances Can Have a Huge Impact on the Design of Your Kitchen

Of all the things you look for when designing your kitchen, how much time did you take to think about the way your refrigerator looks? Have you thought about the look of your dishwasher? If you are like most homeowners, you compared stainless steel to black to white and called it a day. The truth is that there are some really interesting appliances available and they can have a huge impact on the design of your kitchen.

Appliance Can Change the Style of Your Kitchen

After the layout has been determined, you can consider what style you want your kitchen to be in. You can then decide on appliances. Are built-in appliances the best option for your preferences? Do you want a sleek look or a brushed look? Freestanding units can be taken to a new home if you move and are easy to move around if you remodel your kitchen in the future.

If you are not sure what style you want, start by asking yourself this: Do you want a flush or proud appliance? Flush appliances are those that fit level with what they are surrounded by, while proud appliances are much more defined. When you answer this, you will likely have a better idea of whether you want a simple appliance or you want something that will stand out.

The Finish Can Finish Things Off

The finish you choose for your appliance can really set the tone and finish off the look you are going for. Many people have no idea just how many colors and finishes are available on today’s appliances. It’s true that stainless has been popular for decades and remains popular because it is timeless and works in most kitchens, but stainless bronze is increasing in popularity. There are also a number of bright, bold colors and even refrigerators with patterns painted right on them.

Appliances Can Add Personality to Your Kitchen

If you want your kitchen to showcase what type of person you are and your personality, appliances are a great way to do that. If you want a pop of color, that’s great. If you want an oven that has intricate tile backsplash, that can showcase your Italian heritage. Whatever your preferences are, appliances can be great accent pieces that act as statements.

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