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Learn the Basics of How to Select the Right Appliances for Your Kitchen

Learn the Basics of How to Select the Right Appliances for Your Kitchen

Appliances are one of the most crucial elements of your kitchen, yet many homeowners are unsure of what to look for when purchasing them. Today, we’ll go over some of the most important appliances and what to look for while buying for them. Once you’ve decided what you want, give Mission West Kitchen & Bath a call at (626) 799-3503 or come by our showroom to see some very unusual kitchen appliances and more.

Selecting the best cooktop

Your cooktop comes in three flavors: gas, electric, or induction. There is no right or wrong answer – it is entirely personal – but keep in mind that it is uncommon to hear of someone who has a gas stove switching to an electric burner. Consider efficiency if you cook frequently. What is the maximum amount of heat you are willing to lose from the burner to the pan? If you use gas, you’ll lose around 40% of the heat, whereas a flat induction cooktop loses the least amount of heat. It also boils water quicker than a gas stove, and certainly faster than an electric burner.

Selecting the best oven

A convection oven, which circulates heat using a fan, is the best option for a genuinely high-performing oven. It cooks food more quickly and evenly. If you’re a baker, though, you’ll probably want a conventional oven, though you could prefer a stacked or side-by-side alternative. We can go through the alternatives with you and assist you in making the best decision for your requirements.

selecting the right fridge and freezer

When buying a fridge and freezer, there are three key factors to consider: space, features, and price. A freestanding model will fit into a space and extend about six inches beyond the counter depth. You may anticipate the compressor to have an influence on performance in terms of quality. When compared to a dual-compressor unit, a single-compressor unit must work twice as hard. A dual-compressor option will cost more, but it will keep food fresher for longer and be more energy efficient.

There are also a variety of types to choose from, such as French doors with the refrigerator on top and the freezer drawer on the bottom, or side-by-side choices. Separate fridge and freezer units are the costliest – but frequently perfect – option.

We can show you all of your choices so you can make the best selection possible

Appliance selection is a significant decision. You must verify that the appliances you purchase meet your demands, are compatible with your kitchen layout, and are within your budget. Working with a firm that specializes in kitchen equipment is the simplest approach to stay on track. To talk with an expert design and appliance associate, contact Mission West Kitchen & Bath.