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Learn the Basics of Kitchen Lighting Options and Which Will Work Best for You

Learn the Basics of Kitchen Lighting Options and Which Will Work Best for You

If you want to make a big change to your kitchen without spending a ton of money, adding new kitchen lighting is a great way to achieve this goal. Not only does this type of lighting help your kitchen look and feel more beautiful, but it can make it easier to cook. Keep reading for the basics or call the kitchen and bathroom design experts at Mission West Kitchen & Bath at (626) 799-3503.

Using Recessed Lights

Also known as can lights, recessed lighting is used to evenly light and flood the kitchen with light. We recommend this option in highly used areas and spaces in which you need bold light. For example, add them above your cooktop, your food prep area, or your pantry. You can think of this as task lighting – when you are cooking, where will you wish you had more light? That is where you should install your recessed lighting.

Using Sconces

Sconces are lovely when installed against tile or brick. They offer a classic design with a touch of extra light. They are especially lovely in the early evening when you want to set the mood. Soft light is what they offer, so they are not great if your goal is to add plenty of extra light. But if you want to layer lights to have some mood lighting, then having sconces is wise.

Using Pendant Lighting

Depending on how high the ceiling is in your kitchen, you can choose to use semi-flush mount light fixtures (if your ceiling is shorter) or pendant lighting (if your ceiling is taller). These are great options to install above an island or kitchen sink. We recommend installing them in odd numbers – either a single one or three.

Using Under Cabinet Lighting

There are two huge ways in which under cabinet lighting is a game-changer. First, it gives you incredible task lighting. After all, if you want to light the counter, why not place the light right above the counter? Second, it adds lovely mood lighting if you only have the task lighting on. There are many shapes, sizes, and types of under cabinet lighting, including options that come on automatically whenever you are working on the counter underneath them.

Are You Ready for Help with Lighting?

If you are in need of assistance choosing the right lighting, then we invite you to contact Mission West Kitchen & Bath at (626) 799-3503. With our many years of experience and wide range of available products, we can start by understanding what you are looking for. We will then offer a few options so that you can make the most informed decision. Call us today!