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Make Sure You’re Making Use of Every Inch of Kitchen Space

Make Sure You’re Making Use of Every Inch of Kitchen SpaceThe corners of your kitchen can be one of the hardest areas to ensure you’re taking advantage of. If you’re currently using this space to store small appliances you rarely use, or kitchen tools you have no spot for, then you’re likely wasting this space.

For many people, this space isn’t utilized because it’s hard to get to and is often out of reach. The reality is that this space doesn’t have to be wasted – it’s all about finding the right way to make it work. Read on to learn more about the options and then reach out to Mission West Kitchen & Bath at (626) 799-3503 for additional help.

Installing angled corner upper kitchen cabinets

Instead of installing small shelves in the corner, consider angled corner upper kitchen cabinets. This is a great way to get some extra storage in a space that would otherwise be lost. If you want to dress them up, add glass doors so you can showcase items inside them. For example, grab up your favorite teacups or coffee mugs, or perhaps your special china.

Add a corner sink

A corner sink may seem strange but it’s a very practical way to make use of all the space in your kitchen. You can use the space behind your new sink to store dish washing supplies or add whatever décor you like. You can even use the back corner of the cabinet interior to house your plumbing, which means you’re freeing up extra cabinet storage space too.

Install drawers in the corners

When you add drawers to the corner, you’re choosing an option that’s both interesting and unique. You’ll get storage in these 45-degree angles, which makes them perfect for storing small items that fit into these strange angles. For example, seasoning containers or certain cooking utensils.

Corners are perfect for use as a Lazy Susan

If you want to use the space more traditionally, then you may want to install a Lazy Susan. They make it simple to get into even the furthest depths of your cabinet simply by taking them for a spin. You can use hinge doors, two double doors, and other options. Reach out to Mission West Kitchen & Bath for customized ideas.

Corner pull-out shelves may work great

If you don’t like the look of a Lazy Susan, then you may want a more modern alternative – the corner pull-out shelves. They both rotate and slide, which lets you access whatever’s in them easily. Some people use them to store pots, pans, and even small appliances. Essentially, you can use them for large items you don’t typically have room for.

These are just a few ideas on what to do if you have a kitchen with a corner you don’t know how to use. If you’re in the market to redo your kitchen, make sure that our showroom is in your list of spots to visit. At Mission West Kitchen & Bath, you’ll find some truly unique options of high-quality kitchen and bathroom materials.