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New Takes on the Classic Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel is no longer your only option for a designer kitchen sink.

New Takes on the Classic Kitchen SinkWhen it comes to the all-time classic kitchen sink, a drop-in, stainless steel double sink has got to be the winner. But of course this is not your only option for a designer kitchen sink. Here are a few of the hottest contenders for the coveted spot of centerpiece of your kitchen design.

Undermount Sink

Undermount sinks have become increasingly popular in recent years. They really allow your countertops to shine because there is no sink lip covering up the edge of the counter. Instead the counter extends right to the edge of the sink for a seamless look. The only drawback is that you must choose a solid-surface countertop like granite, marble, or composite—but is that really such a bad thing? Another benefit of an undermount sink is that they pair perfectly with cutting board inserts that can double as a handy way to hide dirty dishes from guests.

Apron Sink

Once reserved for vintage or rustic kitchens, apron sinks have recently become possible for all kinds of kitchens thanks to new, sleek, modern options. The most popular material for a high-end apron sink is fireclay, which provides a rich gloss as well as a very functional surface ideal for kitchens that are home to real cooks.

Prep Sink

If you want to create a “chef’s kitchen,” naturally you need to pay special attention to the functionality of your kitchen design. You won’t want to stop at ample counter space and commercial-grade appliances—you also need to find the perfect chef’s sink. For many designers, this means including one sink for washing hands and dishes and one sink specifically dedicated to preparing food. Prep sinks tend to be smaller than a regular kitchen sink and this has left room for many playful designs to be born.

Bamboo Sink

If you really want your kitchen sink to pop, you probably already know you want something other than your traditional stainless steel model. However, for a truly unique sink, why not skip the fireclay and copper options as well? A bamboo sink adds a surprising note to your design and is eco-friendly too.

Does Your Kitchen Need a New Look?

If you’re interested in replacing your kitchen sink—and perhaps your kitchen countertops as well—come to Mission West Kitchen and Bath. We’ll be happy to introduce you to intriguing options from respected designers and help you complete the look right down to your new kitchen faucet.