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Ready to Renovate Your Bathroom? Important Factors to Consider First

Ready to Renovate Your Bathroom? Important Factors to Consider First Why shouldn’t you have your dream bathroom? Not only will it make you feel luxurious and lovely, but it can add to the value of your home. At Mission West Kitchen & Bath, we support anyone who wants to renovate their bathroom but we also want you to have the most success. That’s why we’re here to ensure you’ve considered the important things before you get started.

In total, there are four categories of factors to consider as you make plans for a bathroom renovation. Read on to learn more about them and then reach out to us at (626) 799-3503 to learn more about options to remodel your bathroom.

  1. Consider the performance value

  2. When you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, make sure you’re considering not just how it will look but how well it will perform. Meaning, if the main issue with your bathroom now is that there isn’t enough room, make sure that any renovation you do addresses that issue. This doesn’t have to mean you expand the bathroom. In some cases, it may mean simply rearranging your appliances to take better advantage of the space that’s there.

  3. Consider the investment value

  4. According to most any real estate professional you could ask, kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects offer some of the best returns on investment compared to other rooms in the house you might renovate. It’s true that you want to remodel your bathroom with your own needs in mind and not geared solely toward what will give you the best return on your investment, but you’d be wise to have your return on investment be at least part of the decision making process.

  5. Consider the marketing value

  6. This is similar to the investment value in that it won’t come home to roost until the day you decide to sell your home. Whether you expect that’ll be within a year or two or it’ll be twenty years from now, being able to announce that a home has a luxury bathroom can get more potential home buyers through the doors – and the more people look at a home the more likely it is to sell for its full value.

  7. Consider the enjoyment value

  8. For many homeowners, this is the most important factor: How much will you enjoy any improvements you make? At Mission West Kitchen & Bath, we believe you should have the bathroom of your dreams. For example, if you want a huge claw foot tub, then you should have one – even if this may not be the best investment in your particular area. You do want to be savvy but at the end of the day, it’s your bathroom and you should be sure it’s one you’ll enjoy.

If you’re ready to get started on your bathroom renovation then we’re ready to talk to you. Contact Mission West Kitchen & Bath at (626) 799-3503 right away. We look forward to taking a look at your home, your wants, and helping you come up with the best possible bathroom you can imagine.