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Ready to Run an AirBNB? Make Sure Your Bathroom is Up for the Challenge

Ready to Run an AirBNB? Make Sure Your Bathroom is Up for the Challenge

There are some really interesting ways for folks to make money these days, many of which don’t require them to leave the house. One popular example is Airbnb. Now people who live in desirable areas, like most cities in California, can rent out a room or their entire home or apartment for a tidy profit. However, if you are considering making this jump then we have a few tips for you – including making sure that your bathroom is updated.

Don’t put off bathroom renovations

One thing that homeowners often do is to decide to put off renovating their homes until they have started making money from the Airbnb. This is not recommended. Remember that as soon as you have your listing live and people start paying to stay at your home, they will start leaving reviews. If they have a terrible experience because the bathroom is old, outdated, and causes issues, those reviews will follow your Airbnb forever. It is much wisher to make the investment upfront so that your guests will have nothing but good things to say about it.

Work to create a luxury experience

When you are remodeling your home to get the best return on investment, it is all about the kitchen and bathroom. When you are remodeling your home to make future Airbnb guests happy, it is all about the bathroom. You want to create an experience that will make them fall in love with your home. A huge soaking tub that allows them to truly relax and rejuvenate can be a game changer. A beautiful bathroom vanity with plenty of room to put on makeup and get ready can be a huge selling point. Make sure to stock the bathroom with high-end toiletries too.

Adding a new bathroom could be well worth the cost

If you have a home with three bedrooms and a single bathroom, then there are many reasons that it may be worth it to add a second bathroom. First, when it comes time to sell your home, you will not only likely have more offers if it has a second bathroom, but there are certain homebuyers who will not even consider coming to your home and taking a look if it has three bedrooms with just a single bathroom.

Second, consider that of all the home remodeling projects you can do, adding a bathroom offers some of the best return on your investment. Consider finally that not only will it likely add to the total value of your home but it may allow you to charge more for your Airbnb. Once again, a family of four or five is not likely to want to stay in a spot with just a single bathroom.

These are just a few tips but remember that when it comes time to design your new bathroom, Mission West Kitchen & Bath is here to provide tips and to help you get the highest quality products on the market. Contact us at (626) 799-3503 now to get started.