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Toilets in Bradbury CA

Shop high-quality designer toilets in Bradbury CA at Mission West Kitchen and Bath

 ToiletsConsidering that the average toilet in an American home gets flushed 2,000 times each year, naturally you want only the best, most reliable toilets in Bradbury CA for your home. Mission West Kitchen and Bath is an excellent place to start your search for a designer toilet. We carry:

  • BarClay
  • Duravit
  • Icera
  • Toto

These brands are known for their superior craftsmanship as well as their design appeal. Just let us know whether you’re looking for a traditional or a contemporary design and we’ll direct you to the appropriate product lines.

Types of Toilets

Depending on the look and size of your bathroom, you may end up choosing one of the following types of toilets in Bradbury CA:

  • One-piece: One-piece toilets are built with the tank and bowl as one seamless piece. One-piece toilets tend to be a bit slimmer than a standard two-piece toilet and are useful for bathroom designs calling for the toilet to fit under a vanity extension.
  • Two-piece: This is the traditional type of toilet where the tank is connected to the bowl by bolts. Many modern two-piece models come with a skirted design that conceals the shape of the trapway and makes the toilet easier to clean.
  • Wall-hung: When space is at a premium, you definitely want to go with a wall-hung toilet. Because the tank is concealed inside the wall, these toilets in Bradbury CA can save up to 1 foot of space compared to one-piece or two-piece models. These toilets also have a nice sleek design and a wonderful modern feel.

Other Considerations

In addition to choosing between the different types of toilets in Bradbury CA that we offer, you may want to consider other features:

  • Silent close toilet seat
  • Push button flush
  • Automatic flush
  • Non-staining glazes
  • Water-saving flush mechanisms

Need Help Choosing Toilets in Bradbury CA?

If you would like assistance in selecting the right toilets in Bradbury CA for your project, please visit Mission West Kitchen and Bath to speak with an experienced design consultant.