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Hardware stores in Glendale CA

Need to put the finishing touches on your doors, drawers or cabinets? Shop specialty hardware stores in Glendale CA.

There’s a saying: the devil’s in the details. When you’re trying to find the perfect finishing touches for your home, you may come to understand this saying all too well. After all, the right drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, and other hardware can elevate a so-so design to perfection, while the wrong choices can make the finest cabinets look tacky, cheap, or just plain “off”.

Fortunately for you, Mission West Kitchen and Bath, the crème de la crème of your local hardware stores in Glendale CA, has the materials you need to perfect your design down to the tiniest detail.

We Have the Designer Hardware You Crave

Hardware stores in Glendale CAHave you all but given up on finding unique, artisan-quality hardware options at your local hardware stores in Glendale CA? You need to come visit us. We have carefully selected some of the best designer hardware brands to give you the quality options you need to achieve your design vision. We carry all your mainstays like:

  • Door hardware
  • Drawer pulls
  • Cabinet knobs
  • Towel rings
  • Bath tissue holders
  • Hooks
  • Window locks
  • Grilles

We have something for just about every taste, from sleek and modern to more traditional. We can also offer you options as to color, from bright jewel tones in ceramic or glass for your knobs to all manner of metallic tones and textures.

Service Other Hardware Stores in Glendale CA Can’t Match

Ever wonder why you can’t get any help in your average hardware store until you hit the registers? It’s because they’re more about moving product than about creating stellar designs. If you manage to get a staff member’s attention they may not know the product very well or be equipped to offer design advice of any caliber. This is exactly why you should skip these other hardware stores in Glendale CA and come to our showroom instead. At Mission West Kitchen and Bath, design is our business and we take great pride in the beauty and functionality of all the products we sell. Whether you can already visualize your ideal hardware or are still looking for inspiration, we can help.

Come visit us soon!