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Simple Tips to Help Your Kitchen and Living Room Feel Cohesive

Simple Tips to Help Your Kitchen and Living Room Feel Cohesive

There is no question that open floor plans are more popular than ever before. This is great for many homes, but some owners find that there is still a strong delineation between the two rooms, despite there being no walls. If you are in this camp, and you want to help the two rooms feel more cohesive, follow these tips from Mission West Kitchen & Bath.

Chose Unifying Colors

The simplest way to make the two spaces feel like one is to choose colors that bring the two rooms together. For example, if you have a unique appliance that is bright red and vintage, but your living room is full of modern black and white furniture, it might not work together. On the other hand, if you have the same warmth of colors in both areas, they will naturally feel more cohesive.

Choose Similar Materials

We often hear from homeowners who have chosen one color palette and used it in both rooms, yet the rooms still do not look like they are working together. This is generally because even though the colors go together, dissimilar materials were used. For example, if the kitchen is decorated with glass and steel, yet the living room is full of wood materials, these are not going to go well together in most cases.

Install the Same Flooring

This can be hard to do in some cases, because you certainly don’t want carpet in the kitchen and you might not want tile or wood flooring in the living room. However, if you can get away with using one flooring type it will go a long way to unify the areas. The truth is that one of the most obvious ways these rooms are different is found in the flooring.

If you are hesitant to install tile or wood in the living room because it does not feel warm and cozy enough, consider simply adding several large rugs. This would allow the flooring to continue seamlessly from the kitchen to the living room, yet it would still give you the cohesive look you want.

Use the Same Hardware in Both Rooms

While the above all focus on larger issues, there are smaller things you can do to subtly draw the rooms together. For example, consider installing the same hardware in the living room and the kitchen. It is actually fairly easy to replace drawer pulls and other hardware – and it is an affordable way to help the rooms feel more cohesive.

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