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Square-One Bathroom Design: How to Find Your Inspiration

Square-One Bathroom Design: How to Find Your Inspiration

Many parts of the bathroom design process can be challenging but for many people, it is simply getting started that is the most difficult. At Mission West Kitchen & Bath we can help with everything from bathroom drains to unique lighting and we hope with this blog to help you learn how to get started inspired. Call us at (626) 799-3503 or stop by for more help.

Think About Your Personal Interests

You may have personal interests that you have never considered could be helpful in choose design options for your bathroom. For example, a person who loved hiking and fishing may choose a unique shower with tiles that depict waterfalls, ponds, fish, and turtles. A person who loves baseball may have subtle baseball designs in the tile. Knowing your personal interests and thinking carefully about them can help you make the best choice.

Find a Special Item to Inspire You

Is there a special item you want to include in your bathroom that you could use to inspire you? For example, if you have found a perfect picture, a lovely rug, or unique mirrors that you know you’d love to use in your bathroom, use them as a starting point to figure out the rest of your décor. Do not try to make your items fit into a design – fit your design around the items you love.

Be Inspired by a Color

It is often the case that a single color or color palate will excite a homeowner. While it is a good idea to think about your favorite color, don’t let this stop you. Think about a color that makes you feel cozy, relaxed, and beautiful? If the color or palate you choose is light and dreamy, then you can use it throughout. If it is bold and bright, then you may choose it as an accent color on one large piece such as your bathroom vanity.

Consider Functionality

It would be nice if every bathroom could be designed around preferences but sometimes you just have to think about what makes the most sense. For example, if you have a very small bathroom then your top priority may be finding extra storage. Though this doesn’t seem as fun as designing a bathroom around personal interests or a unique item, it is just as important and a great way to start off your design.

Call Us Today and We Can Help with All Your Bathroom Design Needs

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