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Take Our Remodeling Value Quiz: Do These Projects Add Value to Homes?

Take Our Remodeling Value Quiz: Do These Projects Add Value to Homes?

If you want to remain in your house for the rest of your life, the changes you make should be totally based on your own tastes. If you want to sell your house in the next decade or two, though, you should think about the return on investment of any renovation you do. Continue reading to learn about certain upgrades that aren’t always worth the money.

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Do home offices add value?

No. It is doubtful that installing a home office will bring in any money, regardless of where it is located or how nicely it is built. In fact, it may lower your home’s market value. Why? Because consumers demand more space in their bedrooms. They may decide to convert a tiny bedroom into their own office, but equipping the space such that it cannot be utilized as a bedroom is unlikely to yield a high return on investment.

Does creating a master suite add value?

No. There are two perspectives on this. Master rooms are a nice feature on the one hand. You could have a lot of fun with it for the rest of your life. You may also discover that the master suite is a selling factor when it comes time to sell your house. However, it is unlikely to repay its construction costs. Upgrade if you wish, but not to increase the value of your property.

Does a second story add value?

No. You could be tempted to expand up if you don’t have enough area to extend out. Keep in mind that this will most likely cost the same as building a brand new home. It will also add more square footage, which can increase your tax burden by doubling or even tripling. If you’re going to add multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, it could be worth it to build another level, but do the arithmetic first.

Does a sunroom add value to a home?

No. It’s likely that a sunroom or three-season room will appeal to a potential buyer and serve as a selling point. More than likely, they will see it as a waste of space or consider the cost of removing it. Install a deck or patio instead, along with a temporary barrier to keep pests and the weather out.

Do the latest trends add value?

Kitchens sell houses, as any real estate salesperson will tell you. You’ll be in excellent condition if you have a traditional quartz countertop and a well-equipped island. If you include the most up-to-date high-end equipment and finishes, however, a potential buyer who does not cook may find it difficult to keep up.

If you’re updating for your personal purposes, be sure to include that wonderful refrigerator and stove. Stick with traditional improvements if you’re updating just to increase the value of your house.