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The Home Chef Will Love These Kitchen Sink Additions in Their Remodel

The Home Chef Will Love These Kitchen Sink Additions in Their Remodel

If you enjoy cooking—or if you have to cook a lot for your family—you understand that your kitchen sink must be more than just a decorative feature. Because your sink is so important to your workflow, you need one that is both functional and attractive.

Here are some of the most important characteristics to consider when purchasing a new sink for your busy kitchen. If you have questions or need help, contact Mission West Kitchen & Bath at (626) 799-3503 right away.

Cutting board system

Many of the most recent undermount kitchen sinks now have cutting boards that fit simply into the sink aperture. These cutting boards have a cutout hole to discharge food leftovers into the sink and down the disposal, which can greatly speed up your process. They also have a polished appearance.

Clutter killing caddies

If you’ve spent money on a nice kitchen countertop, you definitely don’t want to clutter it with unsightly objects like soap dispensers, sponges, and scrub brushes. Many sinks include built-in caddy systems to keep the mess contained. For instance, you might choose for a system that includes a sponge pocket or a little towel bar inside the sink for your dishcloth. Caddies are also supplied to hold filthy silverware.

Bottom rack

While a rack in the bottom of your sink is primarily intended to protect the finish from scratches, it may also be quite useful for washing produce. If you have a deep sink, an elevated rack will keep your produce within easy reach while you’re washing it.

If you have a large kitchen and can fit a second sink in an island or a dedicated prep area, do it. Having a second sink allows you to keep prep and cleaning activities distinct, which will help you stay organized while also making cooking more convenient. Some individuals prefer a no-touch faucet at the prep sink so they may wash their hands without touching the faucet while washing bread dough or other messes.

Come visit us to look for sinks

We have a large range of distinctive designer kitchen sinks to pick from at Mission West Kitchen & Bath, including contemporary fireclay sinks, rustic copper sinks, and traditional stainless-steel sinks. We also provide a wide selection of functional and attractive kitchen faucets to complement your designer sink. Come see us right now.