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Top 9 High-Tech Toilet Features

Shopping for a new toilet? Today’s crop of high-tech toilets have some impressive features to offer.

Top 9 High-Tech Toilet Features These days, when you shop for a new toilet to update your bathroom, there’s more than just looks to consider. Today’s high-tech toilets also offer a dazzling array of features. Here are some of the most common ones you might want for your new toilet.

Automatic Seat Control: With some models, the high-tech toilet experience starts as soon as you enter the room, with sensors detecting your arrival and automatically lifting the lid of the toilet. Almost all models allow you to raise and lower the lid and the seat at the touch of a button, so you don’t actually have to lay hands on the toilet itself.

Cleansing: A bidet-like cleansing function is an absolute must for a high-tech toilet. With many models such as the Duravit SensoWash Stack offering the ability to personalize the position, pressure, and temperature of the water streams, there’s never been a better way to clean up after taking care of business.

Drying: Naturally any toilet with a cleansing feature has to have a drying feature as well. Many models offer a choice of air temperatures and fan speeds.

Heated Seat: The days when people used to keep the seat for their outdoor WC indoors during winter to avoid freezing their fanny are long gone. But even so, no one enjoys a chilly commode. Today’s high-tech toilets almost all offer heated seats, and the Kohler Numi even has a foot heater.

Air Purification: There’s no need to have an ugly can of air freshener cluttering up your space when you have a high-tech toilet. Many models include air purification features to eliminate embarrassing odors.

Self-Cleaning Features: A few high-tech toilets are designed to cut down the time you have to spend scrubbing the bathroom each week. Some have anti-microbial finishes and the Toto Neorest actually spritzes the bowl with electrolyzed water before use to give each flush 80 percent more bowl-cleansing power.

Touchless Flush: It practically goes without saying that a high-tech toilet should offer touchless flush capability. Even a standard toilet can benefit from a touchless flush kit, which helps reduce the spread of germs by keeping everyone’s fingers off the flush handle or button. Some high-tech toilets incorporate motion sensor technology to trigger the flush, others flush automatically when the lid is closed, and one model can even be controlled by your smartphone (though it’s hard to imagine you would want to do this).

Nightlight: Having a subtle nightlight built into the toilet can be a real convenience when visiting the facilities in the dark of night. However, some high-tech toilets go out on a limb with up to 7 different colors of lights, which can seem gimmicky.

Music: A little music can be nice when you have concerns about using a powder room near where friends, family, or guests are congregating. Some high-tech toilets actually have FM radio built in, which may be a bit excessive for a trip to the john but could make a nice replacement for the old fashioned shower radio when talking a bath or shower.