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Want to Make Your Kitchen Design Warmer? Check Out Our Top Tips

Want to Make Your Kitchen Design Warmer? Check Out Our Top Tips

When you imagine the perfect kitchen, what do you imagine? Do you think of a crisp, white, clean kitchen? Or do you think of a warm, cozy, inviting kitchen? Today we are going to focus on the latter option. If you think of our kitchen as the heart of your home and want to make sure that it’s as cozy and warm as possible, then you will appreciate these tips from Mission West Kitchen & Bath.

Add an area rug

One of the easiest ways to make your kitchen look warm and inviting is to add a cozy area rug. You can find one at a local home accessory store or you may choose to buy one at a local vintage shop. It’s a great way to add both color and comfort to your kitchen, and to make a bland space feel warmer. If you add a cushioned rug bad, you’ll even be making your kitchen more comfortable to cook in! Just make sure you choose a rug that’s easy to clean because it is likely to need regular cleaning if it’s in the kitchen.

Bring in art to hang on the walls

There may be nothing as cozy and comfortable as unique art. If you have a decent budget, then you can go out and support local artists in your community. If your budget is a little smaller, then adding art could be as simple as buying a few nice frames and adding photos of your family. Make sure you are bringing bright colors to your art, as it will help to add warmth versus neutral or black and white photos.

Use a variety of textures

A great way to add both depth and warmth to a kitchen is by adding a variety of textures. For example, you could add wicker baskets throughout your kitchen for storage, use upholstered chairs for your seating, and even add a roman shade on the window. These are just a few examples of adding a variety of textures for a unique, warm look.

Invest in unique hardware

There is an almost unending supply of unique kitchen hardware available to you. Incorporation warm finishes like brass or gold ad both coziness and luxury, which is often a difficult combination to achieve. If you have a limited budget, or you simply don’t want to do a major renovation, adding hardware is a great way to make big changes with a small budget.

Bring in nature

Whether you bring in live plants or materials made from natural woods, when you bring in any type of outdoor element, you will be immediately making the room feel cozier and warmer. If you are designing a kitchen from scratch, adding a wood-burning fireplace is the best way to maximize these natural elements.

When you need assistance finding the right materials to make a warm kitchen, whether it’s inviting lighting or vintage-inspired appliances, Mission West Kitchen & Bath is here for you. Contact us today at (626) 799-3503 to get started.