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Welcome to the New Multi-Functional Kitchen Pantry

Learn about the benefits of an expanded, concealable pantry space in an open-concept kitchen.

Welcome to the New Multi-Functional Kitchen PantryHomeowners are increasingly demanding open floor plan homes where the kitchen space is integrated into the larger family living area. This offers undeniable benefits for the functionality of the home, but it can sometimes present a challenge to the functionality of the kitchen space, especially in smaller homes.

With one or more walls of cabinetry lost, storage can become a problem in smaller homes with open concept kitchen and living spaces. This leads to cluttered kitchen countertops, and because the kitchen is visible from so many parts of the house, clutter in the kitchen makes the whole home seem messy.

Fortunately, some designers have discovered a wonderful solution in the form of an expanded kitchen pantry/laundry room area, and trend gurus at sources including Better Homes and Gardens have identified this space as a serious contender for the next must-have element of a modern kitchen design.

Creating the Space

The ideal multi-functional kitchen pantry could combine all the functions of a traditional pantry, laundry room, and mudroom in one. It would be located between the kitchen and the garage, preferably on an outside wall so that a window could be installed to keep the pantry from regressing back to an ordinary closet-like space. To help keep the kitchen looking sleek and to maximize usable space, a pocket door or a sliding barn door would be installed for the ability to close off the room when needed.

The multi-functional kitchen pantry could include any elements you want, such as:

  • Cabinets and/or shelves for storage
  • Mini office or bill pay area
  • Laundry folding area
  • Coathooks/boot storage
  • Extra-deep sink for hand laundry, gardening projects, pet washing, soaking large dishes, etc.

Compartmentalization is Key

The beauty of the multi-functional kitchen pantry is that that you can close the door and hide it from the rest of your home. It’s the ideal solution to the clutter that comes with so many daily tasks like sorting the mail or making your shopping list. It also takes care of those extra food prep appliances or jumbo cereal boxes that just don’t seem to fit in the cabinets and always get left on the counter. With a well-designed kitchen pantry to pick up the slack, it’s so much easier to keep your open concept kitchen looking as beautiful as any magazine spread.